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My name is Arturo, and my passion is all about interconnecting people. My focus is on exploring new ways to find ROI by getting to know people and helping them discover their hidden talents. The easy way to hire someone is to find people who know A+B and has an understanding of C. But what does that get you, other than more of the same? I think that by looking for someone who knows more of the alphabet, you can discover interconnections that can provide high leverage to an organization. My passion is interconnecting people and leveraging media technology for knowledge co-creation...I am a media alchemist.

Work experience

Learning from experience

I provide unique know-how in social networking and have led its mass-mobilizing power with great efficiency and entrepreneurship . My global work experience goes across four continents in North & Central America, Western Europe and the Asia Pacific Region.

From living and working in over a dozen countries (and even on a cruise ship!), I provide rapid transitioning from ideas and concepts to lead through creative diligence their tangible successes. In me you will find someone that brings about change through teamwork and who can lead you in the new horizontal social global economy.  

Feb 2007Jun 2008

Social Networking Community Evangelist

The Scholar Ship (UC Berkeley + TEC de Monterrey + Al Akhawayn University + Cardiff University + Fudan University + Macquarie University + University of Ghana)

My volunteer job was to gather participants of the program to advance the creation of a multicultural community in Facebok prior to the beginning of the brand new study abroad program that had a zero installed base and zero means of effective prospective participant communication.

With the success of 85% collection of participants (700+ strong!), outcomes were clear: early networking, the creation of student groups, sourcing for scholarships, group planning of independent travel, creation of onboard life programs, simulations and seminars among others. Towards the first anniversary, I created and managed a sister network in NING, became a founding member of the Alumni Council and its board of members, The Bridge.

Jun 2006May 2008

Instructional Designer, iTunes U Podcasting Initiative.

Western Illinois University, College of Education and Human Services

My job was to interconnect Faculty, Staff and Students in the pilot rollout of the iTunes U podcasting service to a 12,000 strong campus.

I developed and provided training for faculty and staff and acted as platform evangelist during the the background research stage and created a strategic plan to consolidate our portfolio of Content Management Systems (Blackboard, WebCT Vista, Moodle and now iTunes U) while keeping in center stage the human component and richness to learning and knowledge co-creation and its multy-modality approach through traditional delivery (face-to-face), hybrid delivery (face+electronic), site delivery (distance learning) and electronic delivery (purely electronic).

Jul 2007Dec 2007

Instructional Designer, NautiCast.

The Scholar Ship (UC Berkeley + TEC de Monterrey + Al Akhawayn University + Cardiff University + Fudan University + Macquarie University + University of Ghana)/ Royal Caribbean International

As lead content provider I created NautiCast, the first-ever Higher Education podcast series based on a cruise ship that transverses the globe through 16-weeks and visited Greece, Portugal, Panama, Ecuador, French Polynesia, New Zealand, Australia, The People's Republic of China and Hong Kong.

The content topics ranged from Sustainable Development, Social Research, Biological Research, Climate Research, Race Relations, Multicultural Development, Faith, etc.

NautiCast was released globally through the Apple iTunes Store for anyone to access and syndicate. The developed educational content not only created an array of expansion material for Academic Departments of the College of Education and Human Services (COEHS) of Western Illinois University, it was a global endeavor in support of the curriculum of courses as well as supplemental sources for blended learning anywhere on the planet.

Sep 2005Jul 2006

R&D Nuclear Systems Engineer

Siemens Healthcare, Molecular Imaging Group

While socially minded, I too have worked as an R&D Nuclear Systems Engineer for Siemens Healthcare in its Molecular Imaging Group in the USA, and as a Materials Engineer in the Global Med Headquarters in Germany. I understand how big companies work and can manage to have little supervision, independent thought, deliver and sustain multiple projects of complex nature while still getting ideas across the table even through its crevices. I have proven to bring change here as well.


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Life's lessons

My most important educational background comes not from school, but from getting to know customers in their plain field, meeting them eye-to-eye and not "dealing" with people, but LEADING with them. Not getting ahead of them, but coming arm-to-arm into a world of opportunity.

I am a natural social interconnector passionate about knowledge and its power to change. I have designed, developed and deployed educational services to benefit over 26,000 people be it through educational podcasts, tailored training across languages, cultures and geographies as well as through the internet.

For the paper-minded: I posses a Master's in Instructional Design and a Bachelors in Physics from Western Illinois University as pillars for all around excellence and an 8 year track record of student leadership across a latitude of organizations while, in between taking time to excel in German, French and Spanish and challenging my conceptions and connections through traveling the world and embracing its nuances.

Web Strategy (Social Media, Desi