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A Senior Frontend Engineer with over 8 years of experience building rich web applications and 4 years experience of technical management. Able to motivate development team and find and flush obstacles to produce quality web applications. Always looking for ways to improve the quality of produced products and share acquired experience.  I am interested in high loaded web services with complex architectural design. Eager to learn the latest technologies and approaches.

Work experience

2018till now

Senior Front-end Developer

  • Designed an approach and developed a solution to remote control of a web application.
  • Developed a visual programming UI for the internal DSL. 

Lead Front-end Developer 

SAP Hybris
  • Developed a UI components Angular based library.
  • Completely redeveloped the UI of the main product with Angular 5.
  • Designed and developed a reusable solution for Oauth2 based authentification for the family of products.
  • Convinced the team to start using Redux and doing Unit testing for client-side code.
  • Moved frontend microservices to the k8 cloud and designed architecture of micro frontends.

Deputy Head of Frontend development, Email Service Group
  • Managed the development of loyalty service: . Involved outsourcing team into the corporate development process.
  • Moved automative test development from QA to Dev teams.
  • Organized and managed frontend development of an internal startup.

Team Leader, Email Service Group
  • Managed team consisting of three developers and a QA engineer.
  • Produced the first feature with self-created automative test coverage.
  • Trained three interns for being developers in the company.

Software Engineer, Email Service Group
  • Maintained and developed self-developed UI blocks library and framework.
  • Created several key features for desktop interface with the use of internal developed fronted technologies and unit testing coverage.
  • Managed and performed the release process.

Marketing UI Team Lead

LLC Kupishoes /
  • Led a development process for landing pages and other marketing stuff.
  • Managed a team of three UI developers.
  • Assigned tasks and ensured team members' understanding of requirements and proposed design.
  • Coordinated QA and development efforts.

Front-end developer

LLC Kupishoes /
  • Developed and implemented effective solutions for main site features with the use of the following technologies and languages: Python (Django), JavaScript (Backbone, Grunt), XSLT, GIT and other.
  • Was working closely with the design team and project managers and ensured projects are delivered in a timely manner.
  • Converted Photoshop layouts to web pages using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Software Engineer, Commercial department

  • Developed several functional adverts scripts and internal web applications.
  • Ensured the efficiency of advertising with deep cross-browser support: IE6+.


Ksalink systems
  • Created and was maintaining corporate websites based on open source CMS.