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Arthur De Jesus



Mar 2015Nov 2015

Graduate Certificate in Career Development

Swinburne University

- Labour Markets and Career Development Theory

- Assessment and Models of Client Management

- Essentials of Transition Coaching

- Developing Helping Skills

Mar 2010Oct 2013

B.A. (Psychology) (Honours)

Deakin University

- Psychological Assessment, Theories, and Counselling

- Evidence-Based Research Project

Work experience

Nov 2014Apr 2015

Career Development Specialist

Choice Learning and Choice Careers

- Candidate care and client management

- Assistance with career development and planning

- Consultations on job-searching and professional networking

- Assistance with resume building and cover letter writing

- Provision of job interview training and preparation

Dec 2011Oct 2014

Customer Service Consultant

Hugo Boss Australia

- Provision of luxury level and high standards of customer service

- Client building and business to business (B2B) sales

Oct 2012Jan 2013

Associate Recruitment Consultant (Internship)

Hugo Boss Australia

- Drafted position descriptions and advertisements for recruitment of temporary/seasonal staff

- Shortlisted potential candidates for arrangement of interviews with recruiting officers

- Screened resumes and compiled potential candidates to be contacted for phone screening

Mar 2009Nov 2011

Sales Training Officer

GAP Brand Republic

- Organisation of team training for the sales process: needs-analysis, objection-handling, closing

- Supervision of sales team in delivering high quality customer service and achievement of targets



Ability to understand clerical and administrative work environments

Proficiency in using technology: software and computers


Ability to build rapport with diverse group of people

Use communication tools/techniques (e.g. listening, empathy)


Ability to adapt to changing environment

Flexibility with schedule and ability to do tasks


Skills in written communication (e.g. professional writing, grammar)

Skills in verbal communication (e.g. presentations, public speaking)

Organisational/TIME MANAGEMENT

Ability to manage time for efficiency in performance

Ability to meet deadlines in a timely manner


Ability to collaborate with others to work as a team

Ability to lead/motivate a team in achieving goals


Ability to pay attention to detail

Solution-focused orientation

customer service

Ability to build strong relationships with customers/clients

Provision of high quality service with the aim to assist