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Hi, everyone!
I represent a small IT company from Ukraine.
My personal programming experience is 4 years. We provide different e-commerce solutions based on two server side MVC frameworks:
- Python/Django + MySQL/PostgreSQL
- Perl/TemplateToolkit + MySQL

Work experience



Full stack developer

Along with HTML server side can work with JSON and XML.
Any solution can be updated for MongoDB compatibility, if needed.
On the client side we use: HTML5, CSS3, JS (jQuery), SVG, Jade, SASS, Bourbon. But if you want any other - we can do this.

CMS is very user friendly and ready for SEO. Microfomats and OGP are included to the page layout for better SEO&SMM.
In addition to the above, we can write shell Perl scripts, using regular expressions for HTML parsing and statistic’s processing.

At last, we have experience of Android mobile apps based on Python/Kivy framework.

Our development process based on Kanban, Agile & Scrum for getting best results.




I've started my professional activity as a front-end developer. Also I have experience with preprocessor such as Jade(Pug) 


I've started my professional activity as a front-end developer. Also I have experience with preprocessor such as SASS


Almost 3 years i work on the server side


I have familiar with relation DB language MySql


Not long age a fell in love with JavaScript. This is amazing... so many capabilities, so many libraries and frameworks

Twitter Bootstrap


I've started learning nodeJS. As i said, I fell in love with JavaScript