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Arsi Kartikasari, S. Kel


A staff who has dedication and orientation successful in business . During my work i was able to complete some projects with good. Even if i work not in the sphere of the background education i at college but i can control matter work and always going to try to to the sciences new i get . I Have excellent systems thinking, interpersonal skills, smooth communication, good negotiation skills and the great ability to. Enjoyed every working environment and team collaboration system has a highly structured and well.

Work experience

Dec 2014Apr 2016

Account Executive

PT. Waindo SpecTerra
Sep 2013Nov 2014

Marketing Data & Software

PT. Waindo SpecTerra

Promote data satellite images, mapping software and analyzes the results of management process satellite data

May 2012Sep 2013

Operator GIS

PT. Waindo SpecTerra

Mapping and Geospatial Processing


Sep 2007May 2012

Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science.

Universitas Diponegoro

Marine science



Sertifikat Keterampilan Operator SistemInformasi GIS Jenjang 1

Ikatan Surveyor Indonesia

Mangrove Cultivation

Mangrove Teluk Awur Society (Kesemat) FPIK Universitas Diponegoro

Aspek-aspek desain, konstruksi dan operasional Pelabuhan

Indonesia Ocean Expo (IOE) ITB

Seminar Beasiswa “Change Your Mind ForThe Scholarship and Get it ”

Organisasi Selam Perikanan dan IlmuKelautan (OSEANIK) FPIK UNPAD


Global Mapper

Data Analysist / Processing GIS / MAP

Surfer and ODV

Software for mapping and oceanography data proccesing


Data Analysist / Processing GIS / MAP

ErDas Imagine and ErMapper

Data Analysist / Processing GIS / MAP

Microsoft Office( Word, Excell, Power Point, Publisher, Visio)

Word processing, Presentation design, Spreadsheet,
drawing, diagrams, data calculation, etc.