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  • Experienced technical leader specialized in big data management, data warehousing and ETL
  • Combine expert technical, engineering and management qualifications with outstanding performance in team building and team leadership
  • Keen problem-solving, analytical, deductive reasoning, decision-making and communication skills
  • Proven ability to lead a team of programmers, analysts, and engineers to produce high-quality results
  • Fourteen years of progressive experience in Analysis, Design, Programming and Architecture of applications in various IT organizations
  • More than 6 years of experience in leading team of programmers and engineers around the globe
  • Eight years of experience in data warehousing and ETL applications
  • Experience in financial services/payments industry
  • Extensive knowledge and programming experience in ETL tool Ab Initio
  • Experience in Hadoop framework like HDFS, Hive etc.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in C, shell script, PL/SQL and server-side Java applications
  • Worked extensively on multiple UNIX platforms
  • Ability to work with various internal and external teams to achieve  project goal
  • Ability to multi-task in a complex, global environment
  • Experience in working with distributed team across the globe and various vendors
  • Ability to drive consensus in cross functional teams and stakeholders.
  • Experience in working closely with architectural and design teams to ensure successful delivery of business requirements
  • Currently working at Visa Inc. in the development, enhancement and maintenance of Visa's loyalty backend applications as a technical team lead/Architect

Technical Skills

Languages:                           C, Shell script, HTML, JAVA, JDBC, RMI, JavaScript

ETL Tools:                            Ab Initio

Databases:                           DB2 UDB, Informix, Oracle

Hadoop framework:               HDFS, Hive

User Interfaces:VisualAge for Java, Dev-C++, Visual Basic

Operating Systems:               HP-UX, SUN Solaris, AIX, MS DOS, Windows 95, Windows NT, Linux

SCM tools:Clear Quest and Clear Case

Other Tools:                          Syncsort, Visio Professional

Work experience

Nov 2006Present

Lead Software Engineer

Visa Inc.

Currently working in the development, enhancement and maintenance of Visa's loyalty backend applications as a technical team lead and architect.

Worked on following projects as technical lead and architect:

Hadoop - Proof Of Concept

Proof of concept using Hadoop framework and technologies to understand the following: 1) Feasibility of moving existing heavy-duty batch processes to Hadoop 2) If feasible, compare the performance between current process and Hadoop process. One of the existing batch processes that were running in AIX using Ab Initio was selected and converted to Hive. Feasibility study was completed and performance comparison report was produced.

Data Quality

Data quality program was initiated to enforce high quality of data in various loyalty application systems and data repositories. Loyalty data quality process framework was designed to do two things: 1) generate value census data and feed data quality platform 2) generate custom alerts for various loyalty applications. Data quality platform will store value census data and develop a pattern based on the historical information. Alerts will be generated when a spike or dip is detected based on the historical trend.

Card/Account Number Encryption Service (CES)

CES is a service that enables various loyalty backend applications to encrypt/decrypt card account numbers in files using 3DES algorithm. This is primarily used by applications when there is a need to exchange files with organizations outside of Visa.

Visa Mobile Applications

Visa Mobile distribution strategy was to launch Visa mobile applications on the following prioritized platforms: Android, BlackBerry & iPhone. Consistent with this strategy Visa commercialized its first set of applications (alerts, offers & locator) on Android in Dec 2008. Following service components were developed to support Visa Offers and Visa Locator services:

  • Web service to do real-time cardholder enrollment
  • Merchant address geo-coding to support locator service
  • Offer creation through file interface

Cardholder Information Repository (CIR)

CIR is the information repository that stores details of Visa reward cardholders. This information is used by many different applications within Visa. Visa receives cardholder details from Visa card issuers and processors using fixed format files, securely transferred to CIR backend ETL server on a daily basis. ETL application receives, validates and loads this information into CIR database. This application was running in Visa’s mainframe computer system using DB2 database. As the incoming data volume increased and business logic used to validate and transform the data became more and more complex, it was getting very expensive to run this application in mainframe systems; both from an elapsed time and cost of ownership perspective. So this application was re-engineered and moved to UNIX platform with a 300% performance improvement and significant reduction in total cost of ownership.

Visa Incentive Network (VIN)

Visa Incentive Network provides select merchants with greater and more targeted access to select Visa cardholders. Cardholders will receive valuable, relevant offers from these merchants; increased spending will result as will cardholder loyalty to our Issuers and Visa.

Visa Incentive Network is composed of three major functional components, each with its own processes, participants, systems and requirements. These are:

  • Promotional offer creation
  • Cardholder and Transaction database
  • Promotional offer execution 
Nov 2004Nov 2006

Software Engineer

Visa USA

Worked on following projects as technical lead:


Sweepstakes is a fundamental component of Visa USA’s brand and market development efforts. Objective of this application is to be able to select winners from the Visa card transactions based on pre-defined criteria. Sweepstakes administrator will be able to enter information through a user interface to define a sweepstake and backend components will be executed to select winners and alternate winners.

Merchant Activity Reporting System (MARS)

The objective of this project was re-engineering of Merchant Activity Reporting System hosted at the Acxiom Corporation and is operated and supported by a team of over 10 people. MARS is a powerful data warehouse that supports business analysis from the perspective of card issuance, card acceptance, risk management and member management. In this system, data is extracted from an application called Consolidated Master Log Services (CMLS), which is running in a UNIX system. Lot of business rules and transformations are then applied to the data and is loaded into the DB2 UDB database.  Microstrategy is used as a reporting tool to answer business questions.
Jun 2002Nov 2004

Senior Software Developer

Visa International

Worked on two different projects to build Visa's centralized data repository system using ETL tools like Ab Initio and Syncsort in UNIX platform. DB2 UDB was used as the database. Primary responsibilities were designing and programming various components of the system.

Aug 2000May 2002

Senior Systems Analyst/Consultant

Systems Integration Solutions, Inc.

Worked on many different projects to build Visa's data repository systems using Java, JDBC and shell scripting in UNIX platform. DB2 UDB and Informix were used as the databases. Primary responsibilities were designing and programming various components of the system.

Jun 1998Jun 2000

Senior Systems Engineer

Tata Infotech Ltd

Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System (WMS) was a product developed by Catalyst International, USA. I worked in the customization of WMS for various clients like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Molson Breweries (Canada), Coach Leatherware, and Compaq CTI USA. WMS provides easy control of the product, equipment and space in the warehouse. It offers all the accuracy, flexibility and power that warehouse management demands and gives total control of the warehouse from receiving and putaway to shipping and productivity management.


Oct 2009Apr 2012


Western Governors University


Regional Engineering College


Hadoop technologies (HDFS, Hive, Sqoop)
Technical Leadership
Shell Scripting
Ab Initio