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Architect-Constructor-Expert appraiser-Investor


Hardworking person in search of better future for my family and comunity


My work inside the sector of the investments fundamentally has offered me the possibility to relate me with many people among clients and suppliers and with them I have developed my communication abilities. I was head of a department wish it permitted me to confront the possibility to direct professionals persons of my same level toward the objectives of our company. I am young and have for over everything big desires to work and to make progress in my specialty the architecture.


Work experience

Apr 2004Apr 2007

Architect. Expert appraiser

Arquitectos de la Comunidad

  • Work related to the population in the execution of their home's projects of enlargement and/or restoration.
  • Valuation of the immovable for several legal process
  • Certification of building's technician's conditions
Aug 2002Apr 2004


COPLAST - Tecnomat Caribe S.L.
  • Control in the site of construction of the deal, execution, supervision and collection of the works of set-up of carpentry of PVC in the FOCSA Building.
  • Measurement and elaboration of carpentry's offers of PVC for several clients such as:
  • o FOCSA building
  • o Ministry of the Tourism
  • o Retiro Médico Building
  • o Company Continental S.A. of Cubalse
  • o Someillán building
  • o Chamber of Commerce
  • o Theater puppet show
  • o Restaurant La Torre
Aug 2001Jul 2002

Architect. Specialist in Projects

Caracol S.A.
  • Investor of the works in all the territory of city of Havana, among them:
  • o Control and execution of the stores of tobacco and perfume of the hotel Copacabana.
  • o Deal, execution and control of the stores tourist and tobacco of the hotel England
  • o Deal, execution and control of the store of the Lobby of the hotel Tropicoco
  • o The execution and control of the gallery of stores Unique of the hotel Riviera.
  • Preliminary elaboration of the documentation of the works:
  • o Mini-super hotel Siboney
  • o Shoe Store Vega Norte
  • o Supermarket Galiano and Animas
  • o Mini-super El Gallo
  • o Mini-super El Viajero
  • o Mini-super hotel Sevilla
  • the expedients closing of investments of the year 2001
Feb 1998Aug 2001

Architect. Head of Department

Banco de Credito y Comercio
    • Execution and control of the works of the department.
    • Evaluations as an expert appraiser of ones of the most important companies in the Havana Province such as:
    • o Buses productive company of Guanajay
    • o National Poultry Combined of Havana province
    • o Genetic company and offspring's foot Havana province
    • o Company La Pesca (fishing), Batabanó
    • o Company Havana's agricultural workshops
    • Control of the investments among the more important works in Havana
    • o Club Havana, Playa
    • o Hotel Pelican, Cayo Largo
    • o Hotel Vedado, Plaza de la Revolucion
    • o Hotel Deauville, Centro Habana
    • Contact with the companies of the province Havana for the promotion of the activity of the department with the objective to win clients
    • Deal of the developed works for the department
    • Delivery in time and form of all the documentation and solicited information for the head office of the Bank of Credit and Commerce
    • Deal, control and execution of the branches's works of restoration and/or reparation in the provinces Havana among them:
    • Main Office of Havana Bank of Credit and Commerce at Old Havana
    • Branch Melena del Sur
    • Branch Güines
    • Branch San José de las Lajas
Jan 1997Nov 1997


Contingente Blas Roca Calderio
  • Technician on the site of construction of two buildings in Santiago de las Vegas.
  • Enlargement of the offices of the Havana's alimentary company in Santiago de las Vegas
  • Restoration of the importing and exporter company of the nickel at Plaza of the Revolution.
  • Control of the execution of the work according to project
  • The consumption control of materials according to technical standards
  • Certification and ask for payment of finished work with the investor
  • Solution in the site of construction of any related aspect with the project in agreement with the investment entity
Sep 1995Jan 1997


Metro de la Habana
  • Control of the investments of surface at the investment entity.
  • Control to the work: reconstruction of the mill of dolomite, Havana's forest.
  • Control of the assigned resources to each work


Windows and door assembler
I worked for Tecnomat Caribe S.L., an Spanish company in Cuba specialized in PVC windows and doors, my main occupation was as a team leader in the restoration of the FOCSA building in Havana valuated in around 1.2 MMUSD. I had the opportunity to carry out the contracts, designs and offers and collect bills; I also could interact with costumers to meet theirs necessities
Expert appraiser
I worked as a head of department for the engineering department of the Bank of Credits and Commerce wish main activity is the valuation of actives. After that I worked for the Community architects where one of the activities is the taxation of houses for individuals.
Use of computers
High computer abilities in Microsoft and Office and also in specialized software for 3D and 2D designs such as AutoCAD architectural desktop, 3DStudio, Photoshop
English abilities
IELTS certificate with average of 6.0 points.


Post-graduated studies

Various Authorities