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Work experience

Aug 2011Feb 2013


I was an "Easy Tech" associate, both selling computers and electronics to customers and also fixing customers computers that were brought in.

I ended up quitting out of frustration with the current store manager, and i was ready to move on. 

Sep 2013Jan 2015

PC Tech Fixer

Sole Proprietor of "PC Tech Fixer"

I started my own computer repair business. I have always loved computers and they are currently my #1 hobby. At the time i wanted to work for myself and i had more than enough experience from working as a tech at staples combined with my deep interest for computers. I also had gotten my CompTIA A+ Certification  while i was still in high school in my computer tech classes, they counted as college credits as it was a class I was able to apply for tech prep and get college credit from the computer classes I was taking. 

I built a website and got business advertising. I was(technically still am) a mobile business and always worked from home.

Currently I have stopped advertising my business and have been perusing working  from home strictly from the computer to make a living. 

Feb 2014Jan 2015


Working at Home

The most recent way I've been making a living from home has been from buying and selling digital currencies. Bitcoin to be more precise. It's very intriguing to me, I believe in it and so far it's made it possible for me to support my family(just my wife and I... first child to arrive is just a few months away). As of recent the markets haven't been so forgiving and things have been a little slower and the profits have gotten smaller. 


Sep 2011Jun 2013

Associates in Arts Degree

Walla Walla Community College

While i was in high school, I took the opportunity to do the running start program. I only ended up doing it my 12th grade year so i wasn't able to get enough college credits to get both my AA and my Diploma at the same time in 2012 so after I graduated high school i took another year at the CC and got enough credits to get my AA. As a side note, most all of my electives were programming and computer classes(my biggest interest).

Aug 2009Jun 2012

High School Diploma

Wa Hi


Computer Savvy
I've been a computer technician for many years now. I currently work on a computer every day and have a great deal of experience with all modern(and some old) windows operating systems and have played around with some linux operating systems also.
Light Programming Skills
As I said in my description of getting my Associates Degree, i took many programming classes for my electives. They were  for beginning Java and C++  Beyond that, i've taught myself HTML, CSS a little Java Script and as of recent I've been delving into a lot of PHP(server scripting language).