Bios debuging

, Bios SPI programming , ME bios, KSC update & debuging 

VDE, the Association for Electrical

create  documets afrer rework  with the value for the new components

Schematics & boardfile

Reading Board file & schematics to solve conflicts with electronic components

Server Systems

OPERATING SYSTEMS/SERVERS Network Operating Systems Microsoft Windows 2003, Win2000, Windows Xp Professional, Linux 7-10, BeOS, Novell Netware 5,11, and 6 Server Systems WinNT 4.0, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Windows Server 2003 Small Business Server and Enterprise Server, MS Exchange 2003 Server, MS Datacenter, MS Media Center Server, MS CRM Server, Novell 5 -5.11, Netware 6, Linux 7-10, Red Hat 9-10, Samba Server, and Apache Server HARDWARE (PLATFORMS) WORK STATIONS Server Dell 1650, 2650, 6600, 6650, Compaq Proliant 1500-7000, HP, Dec Alpha, and clone servers Workstations HP, Compaq, Dell, Zenith, eMaschine, Toshiba, AMD, IBM, Siemens-Nixdorf, Schneider, Everex, and Sony (computer)


build shorrt scripts


create applications


edit  scripts for performance test , build my  new test scripts


lan concepts,  debug  migrate clients

Windows family

XP or Vista  solve issues in a short time 

Hardware components

firmware debuging, solve immedeley high level tasks rework electronics components  for custoumers needs     PC hardware––assembling, initiation and configuration of hardware, motherboards, BIOS, IRO devices, printers, hard drives, and calibration flaps: • Hard drive: rewrite MBR ( Master Boot Record sector) • IDE and SCSI, ATA, SATA Western Digital, Seagate, and IBM • 3ware 8506-8 Kit PCI SATA Controller Card RAID 0/1/5/10 • Create report checklist for hardware problems • Diagnostic tools • Manufacturers Asus, Gigabyte, ODI, Intel, MSI, ABIT, and TYAN • Check motherboard and reconfiguration • Bios Flash Upgrade • AGP I/II Graphics (display cards) and Video Processing Cards • PCI Graphics (display cards) and Video Processing Cards • ONBOARD Graphics (display cards) and Video Processing Cards • PCI Sound Cards, Modems, and Network Cards; USB I/II Firewire • PCI ISDN Cards and AVM Fritz Cards, and VoidIP devices • ONBOARD Sound Cards, Modems, Network Cards, and USB I/II Firewire • Printer, scanner, and fax: HP Lexmark, Epson, OKI, and STAR • HP print server adapters