Armando Brown

Armando Brown


Sep 2009 - Present

Advanced Diploma

Heritage High School



Level Design

Since middle school I have developed a proficiency in level design using the 3-D level design program UDK which is used to create many of today's best selling titles. I have learned many of the advanced techniques in this program to create realistic levels that immerse the player in the game.


  • Video Games
  • Game Design
  • Computers
  • Drawing
  • Origami
  • Programming


I consider myself to be an avid gamer, not a professional one though. I aspire to become a game designer one day and to make games of my own. I have already studied at id Tech at William and Mary during the summer to learn the basics of producing a level and creating a game. What makes a game interesting to me is the combination of sounds and the immersion it provides to the player, playing games during my childhood inspired me to make my imagination into something real (or at least something close seeing as games are a virtual environment). In my opinion a good game creator is well rounded, and can be artistic and technical. So in turn I have been practicing drawing and over the years I have learned much about computers and have the ability to take one apart, identify every single essential part and put it back together within a matter of minutes. I have also studied software and now have the ability to pick up basic skills with a few uses, as a game designer must be able to adapt and pick up new ideas and skills quickly and easily. One day I want to be a part of making game that becomes the game of the year, but only hard work and time can tell if I am capable of such a feat.

Table of Contents

  1. 100 Words
  2. All About Me (College Essay 1)
  3. College Essay 2
  4. College Questionnaire
  5. Recommendation Letter (1-3)
  6. Community Service Log (1-3)
  7. Proof of SAT Registration
  8. Honors and Awards (1-4)
  9. Activity List
  10. Internship Paragraph
  11. UDK Jungle Environment (video relating to dream job)
  12. Devry application reply (college application proof and college correspondence)
  13. AMDA application reply (college application proof and college correspondence)
  14. Extra Credit - College Essay #3

Goal Statement

I am planning to go to the Savannah college of Art and Design in Atlanta Georgia to study game development and animation so that I may one day become a full fledged game designer. I have already taken the steps necessary to learn about game design and I have practiced making levels in my spare time. I am determined to one day create the game that will be deemed the "Game of the Year".