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Contact Information

Work experience

Jan 2017

Internal Control and Compliance Department - IT Controller

TEB Headquarter - Turkey

- assessing maturity levels of IT governance processes of TEB witihin BNPP Standards

- conducting TEB's subsidairies and thirdparty audit

- support designing control within both supsidiaries and the bank

- preparing management statement reports

-  Information Security process controls


Nov 2013Present

Information Risk Management - IT Audit Senior

KPMG Headquarter - Turkey

Managing IT associated risks on different IT environments in energy, aviation, construction, insurance, banking, automative sectors within the COBIT framework and BDDK laws to build strength of these control models. Mostly worked on SQL database, Oracle and SAP ERP tools in IT auditing perspective.

- He assessed workflows of the banking processes, identified the controls and took part in testing and reporting of the process controls. Banking processes that take a role; Retail loans and Corporate Loans, Credit Cards, Deposits and Saving Accounts, Payment Systems (EFT and SWIFT transactions), Treasury, Alternate Distribution Channels (Internet banking and ATM applications), Accounting Processes, Financial Reporting Process.

- He also worked on payment and electronic Money System advisory projects.

- He has experienced on automotive, telecommunication, retail and industrial markets.

Major Clients

Financial Sector:  Turkiye İs Bankası IncTürkiye Finans Katılım Bankası, Intesa Sanpaolo

Payment and Electronic Money System: Turk Electronic Money Inc.

Energy Sector: VEDAS/VEPSAS, Calik Energy,  YEDAS/YEPAS Electric Distribution Inc.

Production: Aselsan, Eldorado Gold Inc.(SOX Audit), Calik Holding (Calik Energy, YEDAS-YEPAS Electric Distribution, Inci Holding (Aku, Logistics)

Insurance Sector: Allianz Insurance

Nov 2012Sep 2013

Credit and Overdraft Analyst - Retail Banking

HSBC Headquarter - Istanbul

Worked as reporter of Credit Card and Overdraft Account Management Department. I collect data using SAP BO and contribute to Group Head's meeting reports by working on large data sets(SLA Report, direct report to CAS Limit MI- report of Branches Breakdown 2012.) I supported department's BDDK, audit and internal audit reports. I was responsible of daily activity, monthly and yearly management reports over actual activities and projections. I used excel and Microsoft Access as a statistical tool to analyze department's user based, customer based, SMG3 automatized decision mechanism. I ve attended a new credit product test and am currently attending a Lending Fraud test, a legal obligation of BDDK. Triad Scoring, Banksoft and CAS systems lead limit evaluation decisions.

Jul 2009Aug 2009


TUIK - Izmir
  • household-industry-labour-agriculture unity surveys,
  • interviews data collection statistical analyses revising official website
  • reporting and documenting of expenses supplies & organizations
  • getting prices from the suppliers
  • submit proposals to firms
  • Ms Office
Aug 2008Oct 2008


Izmir Chamber of Commerce
  • reporting and documenting of expenses
  • supplies & organization of needs that will be used
  • stock tracking
  • making a requirement list
  • getting prices from the suppliers
  •  prepare proposal drafts
  • MS Office
Aug 2007Oct 2007

 Quality Intern

DAS-CAS Certification
  • forming proposals about quality management systems
  • preparing proposal drafts
  • formation-documentation-delivery of proper quality management system
  • MS Excel




Izmir Yasar University



BA - UniversityThe Institute Of Social Sciences

Istanbul Bilgi University

Accounting Auditing

I'm competitive and enthusiastic quick learner with %100 scholarship of BA, Statistics and Computer Science graduation degree. After the graduation I had started studiyng in MS, Accounting Auditing program to widen my prospect and learn main dinamics of business management. I'm working on my final project about Computer Assisted Auditing Tool in fraud detection.

  • X Culture Multinational Project Contest  -Tesla Company in South Africa


Izmir Turk College

Science and Technology


Strong Sides

Strong Side


Motivating team player


Dedicated personality

Fast Learner

Computer Skills

SAP ERP Tool - FI Module

Oracle Database

SQL Database

IDEA Datamining&Auditing Tool

Excel Macros/VBA

MS Access


July 2017



Succeed at first attempt.

Feb 2012Mar 2012

SAP FI Consultant Cerificate 

SAP Akademi

Assisting to last users

Instructing key users

Live application process

Seminars and Cours

CISA Training - 48 Hours (BT YON)

Updated Internal Auditing / Bilgi University - 30.04.2012-30.04.2012 (3 Hours)

Advanced Excel / 2010 SAP Akademi - 10.03.2012-23.03.2012(20 Hours)

SAP FI Consultant / SAP Akademi - 07.01.2012-26.02.2012(60 Hours)

Efficient Sales- Marketing- Communication Techniques / BEMAR - 24.01.2009-25.02.2009(6 Hours)

Undergraduate Enterprise Convention / UGOP - 02.05.2008-03.01.2008(6 Hours)


  • X - Culture International Business Student Collaboration Project / Tesla Company
  • 25% Scholarship, Bilgi University
  • 100% Scholarship, Yasar University
  • Ranked 2nd  14. MEF Researching Project Contest, Turkey, Chemistry
  • Ranked 3rd , Chess Challenge Izmir, Ege Sanat Merkezi
  • BELIS, Experimental Labs of Economics