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I want to work with the highest-caliber people and the highest-quality code. I have a wide array of experience working on web technologies, particularly in the back-end. I also believe software is better when it's open-source, which is why I'm trying to be more active in my contributions to the community. In a nutshell, I want to work with awesome people and awesome technology, burying myself in my work to produce the best software and continually improve at my craft.

Work experience

Mar 2014Mar 2015

Software Craftsman

8th Light Inc

Worked on a backend team in a large, SOA ecosystem for one of Chicago's most heavily-trafficked social sites. Helped plan and implement the caching strategy for an inventory management system, reducing request times to 50µ in the 98th percentile.

Developed patches for consumer-facing, fuzzy-search item finder.

Reviewed code and helped QA feature work for increasing revenue by what's estimated to be millions of dollars by enabling a rolling purchase window for consumers.

Troubleshooting and debugging of multiple worker tasks; one that helps manage inventory supply and another responsible for near real-time updates to consumer-facing application for a better UX.

Worked on adding graphing and monitoring around mission-critical components.

Relevant Technologies:

(J)Ruby, Rails, MySQL, Clojure, Elasticsearch, Varnish, Nagios, Splunk

Jan 2013Jan 2014

Resident Apprentice

8th Light Inc

Spent about 10 months drinking from the development “ firehose” at 8th Light.

Learned about everything from source control and databases to HTTP and functional programming.

Worked under the tutelage of a dedicated mentor and some of Chicago's best software consultants.

Built an HTTP Server in Java using only socket primitives and standard library.

Built a mini distributed system consisting of a Python backend, Java router, and Ruby Sinatra application.

Wrote backend Clojure code for a client's administrative web application.

Relevant Technologies:

Java, JUnit, Ruby, RSpec, Clojure, Python, PostgreSQL


Jan 2015Mar 2015

Independent Coursework


Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part 1



Familiar with multiple web frameworks and libraries. Open-source contributions to RSpec, Ruby's most popular testing framework.


I've used Clojure in multiple web-related projects, both utilizing the Ring interface. I've also contributed to Speclj, an open-source testing framework.


I've written a couple small applications in Python, including a console tic tac toe.


I've gotten out of some pretty hairy situations using git.


I've used Vim since I started at 8th Light.