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Work experience

Sep 2009Present

Engineering Analyst

Infosys Limited

One of 3000(2% of 165, 000 employees) high performers at Infosys in 2015, appreciated directly by Vishal Sikka, CEO & MD

Involved in engineering design & analysis development activities, understand requirements from defined documents and implementation through CAD/CAM/CAE/ANSYS technologies

Dec 2011Apr 2015

Engineering Solutions in Power Industry

Client : Alstom Power
  • Onsite Coordinator at Alstom Power in Baden, Switzerland
  • CATIA design & CFD analysis support for retrofit & research projects in Steam Turbine (Diffusers & Last Stage Blades)
    • Modelling support in terms of 3D Slice Modelling & Fluid Domain definitions through surface modelling for Flow Analysis of low pressure diffusers
  • Aerodynamic investigation of LP diffusers and Exhaust hoods.
    • Analysis uses slice approach to optimize diffuser configuration and generate interpolated database for 3D CFD calculations of exhaust hoods. The results are supplied with design improvement suggestions for the retro-fit turbines and new design. Eventually, the 3D CFD results are often validated with test results. Frequent exercises to provided manufacturing tolerance schema for designs after assessing impact on performance improves visibility of product performance in real world
    • EDS(Exhaust Design System) process improvements and up gradation. Process improvement studies on current EDS approach and up gradation under Core-Technology. These studies include geometry optimization, meshing strategies, solver capabilities and post-processing techniques. The up gradation of current EDS process focuses on the most-realistic CFD approach close to physical conditions of diffusers and exhaust hoods.
    • Migration assignments developing comprehensive desktop applications for advanced loss predictions in casing variants & optimizing diffuser design. The tools initially as version dependent primitive excel calculators were migrated using Java Swing programming into independent standalone tools for loss prediction in geometrically similar models; released to client upon successful completion and highly appreciated for improvement in productivity
    • Axial diffusers, Inlet scrolls and Geo-thermal steam turbines. CFD analyses on axial diffusers to evaluate the performance and design improvement suggestions. Aerodynamic investigations on Geothermal steam turbines and design of LP diffusers with optimum performance Condenser Neck Pressure Loss Calculations & Conjugate Heat Transfer for HP-IP Casings Continued support to retrofit and research work package owners in sales and tendering team.
    • Being a part of R&D, it is a continued exercise to support in design and review iterations for short and time limited retrofit/taskforce projects



Bachelor of Technology - Mechanical Engineering

Sree Chitra Tirunal College of Engineering

Affiliated to Kerala University


  • Java Swing tool development for design and optimization of diffusers and exhaust loss prediction
  • Java Spring MVC with RESTful Web Services enterprise application development
  • Creating assembly drawing in 3D, detailing of part drawing in 2D of turbine components
  • Creating fluid and solid domains for analysis based on best & accepted practices in CFD
ANSYS CFX - CFD Analysis
  • CFD analysis of exhaust flow in HP & IP casings
  • LP Exhaust Performance Analysis for new, retrofit and nuclear turbines
  • Providing tolerance schema for manufacturing after assessing impact on performance
  • CHT Analysis of HP Casings with Balance Piston Leakage & Stress Relief Groove
  • Hot Spot Analysis of HP and IP casings
  • Exhaust Diffuser optimization tool for HP and IP Turbines