Ariel Alvarez

  • Buenos Aires Argentina
Ariel Alvarez

National physical education teacher and presenter

Work experience

Work experience
2008 - 2015

Profesor Workout

Palermo Training Center

I currently work as group classes and personal trainer in the fitness room.
I am the coordinator of the group classes and managed.

Si I am instructor of hip-hop for group of children

Instructor aerobics and step classes

Today I teach several programs:

BodyCombat ®

BodyPump ®

BodyStep ®


Hip-Hop Instructor

2008 - 2014

Pilates Reformer Instructor


Pilates Reformer Level 1

Pilates Reformer Level 2

2013 - 2014

instructor group classes

MSC Cruises

My job consisted of 4 daily presentations of group lessons for 3 months work on the cruise

2003 - 2013

Les Mills Trainer

BodySystems Argentina

During the time I was training the company and trained future instructors of Les Mills. I was also a presenter at the events related to the company.

BodyCombat ®

BodyPump ®

BodyStep ®


BodyAttack ®

PowerJump ®

BodyBalance ®

Sh'Bam ®

BodyJam ®

2003 - 2010

Profesor Workout

Zoom training Center

In this company I was instructor of group classes:

BodyCombat ®

BodyPump ®

BodyStep ®


BodyAttack ®

2003 - 2006

Swimming Istructor

Club City House

I was in the club swimming instructor in groups of adults and children

2000 - 2005

Profesor workout

Kalos gym

my role within the company was carrying out group classes and working as a coordinator in the fitness room.

I went swimming instructor and was responsible for coordinating the classes of younger children

In this company I was instructor of:

BodyCombat ®

BodyPump ®


1998 - 2003

university study


The title enables me to perform as a national physical education teacher


2014 - 2015

TRX Suspension Training

Team Devoto-Fitness Revolution with Rene O'Ryan

Suspensión Training Course

Group Suspensión Training course

2006 - 2008

Aerobics Instructor

ERA Argentina

This certification enabled me to perform as instructor step, aerobic and localized training

2007 - 2008

Certification Intensive Reformer Pilates Fitness Cross International

Professor monica herrera

Method technique. Principles and foundations.

- Presentation of the reformer and components.

- Exercises in 3 levels with their analysis.

- Biomechanics applied to each exercise.

- Methodology, preparatory exercises.

- Armed class.

- Practice teaching.

- Analysis of each year for different pathologies.

2004 - 2006

Hip Hop Instructor


Hip hop certification enabled me to teach children and adults

2004 - 2005

Life Guard


International lifeguard certification

2003 - 2004



This certification enabled me to develop as a trainer in all sports



I am a person who likes to make things right, in every work I do put everything on my part, to thereby be able to give good customer service and the company is comfortable with the work I do, I like challenges and be better every day more for the development of the company and my professional development through daily work. I am a person with high learning ability and skills such as teamwork, leadership and good communication. I like working with responsibility, dedication and perseverance; I ease to establish good interpersonal relationships and above all I'm loyal to my principles, always working with ethics and giving my best, pro-activity and motivation to individual achievement and team