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Work experience


CEO/Producer of Marketing and Distribution

Architek One
  • Develop artist content and create a brand experience to be shared
  • Developed and executed marketing plans utilizing social platforms (physical, digital) to connect artist to their audience
  • Produce and distribute marketing content across digital platforms
  • Analyze and manage social media campaigns (Facebook, Twitter, Last.FM, Youtube, etc)
  • Setup, maintain and analyze sales and develop appropriate strategies
  • Manage artists careers by developing strong relationships with key partners
  • Connecting artists to their audience through brand partner sponsorships
  • Produce, organize and promote brand events involving brand sponsorships
  • Manage the brand experience in relation to artist performances and sponsors
  • Create, design and updating of artist branded website using Wordpress

Entertainment Marketing Director

Cheetah Lounge
  • Developed and directed entertainment programs in a multi-tasked environment.
  • Work closely with management to gain alignment on business goals and marketing objectives
  • Maintained and grew strong mid-level client relationships by partnering with client to understand their key marketing objectives for all programs
  • Experienced in driving lead generation programs based on company and marketing objectives



Abstract Foundation

  • Freelance Producer, recording engineer and mixer
  • Responsible for mixing of projects utilizing outboard pres, eqs, compression, effects to achieve a balance suitable for playback on a multitude of devices
  • Produced tracks for independent artists in a variety of genres
  • Produced and engineered songs for soundtracks
  • Tracked and mixed a variety of projects

Stage Manager

House Of Blues

  • Director of Stage operations 
  • Supervised 10-30 employees on three different stages, with set-up of sound and lighting gear according to the day’s schedule and stage plots.  
  • Coordinated the equipment setup, sound checks, backstage passes and hospitality for complex national tour productions.


Innovation Productions
  • Founded and managed a mid-size 24 track recording facility.  
  • Produced and engineered over 50 projects in a variety of genres.  
  • Handled all administrative functions, including bookkeeping, sales, equipment purchasing and inventory.




Audio Engineer

Recording Workshop




Active Reader/Unity 3D
Animating characters for use in transmedia story
iOS development
Currently writing a transmedia story for an interactive iPad comic in development.  
Sound Recording and Mixing
I have 20+ years of experience and knowledge of audio recording (studio, live, on location) with a comprehensive understanding of signal flow, digital and analog mixing consoles and related industry standard programs including but not limited to Protools, Logic, Soundtrack Pro, Ableton Live.
Final Cut Pro


30 years of experience in audio, video and film production.   Strong ability to be a part of a team along with managing projects according to very tight deadlines and budgets.   Highly skillful in developing, analyzing and maintaining creative marketing strategies to elevate market awareness and achieve targeted goals through the use of social media campaigns.   Advanced communicator in building solid relationships with brand partners to attain increased sales and brand awareness in the marketplace.  


AppsScore- Revelation Quest iOs App 2012Score- Pumsae Player iOS App 2012


Visual Fx- The Proxy 2012

Sound Designer- CrackerJack 2012

Sound Designer- The Proxy 2012

Sound Mixer- Fun World Pilot  2011

Office PA/Featured Extra-The Adventures of Ociee Nash 2002

Sound Mixer- Brick Without Out Straw 2000


Executive Producer/PMD- Electric Blue, Grand Prize Winners From Last Year 2011

Executive Producer/PMD- Why Can’t We Have Fun, Debutaunts 2010

Executive Producer/PMD- Speak In Numbers, Spy For Hire 2009

Engineer/Mixer- Same Book Different Chapter, Uptown 3000 2003

Producer- Seduction, For That Girl, On Da Grind. Same Book Different Chapter 2002

Producer/Engineered/Mixer- Brazilian Lullaby, New Sound Theory Vol 1 2002

Producer/Engineered/Mixer- Definition of Sound, New Sound Theory Vol 2 2003

Producer/Engineered/Mixer- Slave to Love, Wildcat Days, Roxy Remodeled 2005