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Work experience


NRC -  Consultant; also served as nuclear power plant inspector. 

  • Assessed Nuclear Power Plant Emergency Computer Systems and Procedures.
  • Slashed inspection report timeframe 78% (from three months to three weeks) by leveraging existing IT systems and technologies.  

SAIC -  Promoted to management-level roving "technical troubleshooter" and project manager for IT and R&D projects including AI development, knowledge engineering, and experimental design. 

  • Authored five-year plan for ARI Command and Control Research.
  • Led full lifecycle assessments of nuclear power plant computer systems.
  • Developed strategic plan for improving EPA statistical resources.

INDEPENDENT - Developed B.R.A.I.N. neural network pattern recognition system. 



SoftConcept, Inc.

Global IT systems & network development, operations, & management

Vice President (VP) - Advanced Information Technology

  • Brought in to advise on early-stage market development and expansion of market share for software company.
  • Served as Technical Adviser on development of Enterprise Architecture, SOA, and Net-Centric Systems for growth stage.
  • Left when heavily recruited by former clients for complex IT consulting projects as growth stage came to a close.

Independent Consultant

Continuing to offer Enterprise level IT Strategic Planning, Management Direction, Program Assessment and Problem Solving support to discerning clients.



Innovative IT R&D / consulting firm:  net-centric / web-based systems, enterprise architecture, IT operations

President 2005 - 2010

CIO & Principal Consultant, 2004 - 2005

  • Played key role in launch and development of IT consultancy providing R&D and consulting services to clients in government and industry. 
  • Advised on Enterprise Architecture, Systems Engineering, and Strategic IT Planning. 
  • Conducted independent assessments of more than 100 major IT programs, developing exceptional familiarity with common mistakes and how to remedy them.


Provider of global web-based solutions – information analysis & storage; global communications system

Chief, Cross-Program Engineering, 2003 – 2004

  • Handpicked to develop strategic plan and direct technical and systems engineering assessments, architecture, and planning to ensure programs were integrated across Enterprise.
  • Awarded Program of the Year for Agency 500 Day Strategic Plan.

Chief, Worldwide Support Division 2000 – 2003

  • Promoted to lead organizational transformation of division with low-morale, high-turnover employees, poor product, and single major customer.
  • Designed, developed and deployed distributed global network management systems.
  • Tripled revenues in two years and grew customer base by over 500%.
  • Assembled and led major global IT crisis response teams for incidents including 9/11.
  • Oversaw operational, engineering, architectural, and troubleshooting support to vital military networks around globe.

Assistant Deputy Director (ADD) – Functional COO, 1999 – 2000

  • Promoted to function as chief operating officer / COO of most technologically sophisticated practice in world’s largest IT consulting firm; oversaw IT, finance, security, administration.
  • Instrumental in turning backwater practice into technical center of excellence.
  • Established national policies and operating budgets and oversaw Global Information Assurance (IA) operations
  • Named as principal member of DoD’s highest-level Information Assurance Control Board.

Senior Technical Advisor & Acting Chief – Integration Assessment Division, 1996 – 1999

  • Promoted by Deputy Director to manage advanced IT R&D projects for the Director.
  • Developed innovative technical approaches for major programs, leading teams of eminent R&D scientists and senior-level officials.
  • Negotiated delicate interagency agreements with multiple third-party services and government agencies.
  • Revolutionized system assessment by developing web-based survey applications that cut data collection and reporting time from 2 months to 2 hours, saving 1,000 work-hours per assessment.
  • Brought competing Agencies and Services together to adopt Information operations later adopted as framework for satellite-based Global Broadcast System.

Deputy Project Officer – NCCS Support, 1993 – 1996

  • 2nd in charge of Command & Control Computers in Pentagon’s National Military Command Center.
  • Drove integration of data from multiple incompatible services into single GIS for first time in Center’s history.
  • Saved $10+M in wasted development costs by identifying and reporting design problems with Global Command and Control System in technical whitepaper "Avoiding Hidden Stovepipe."

Project Manager & COTR, 1989 – 1993

  • Developed major global macroeconomic forecasting modeling system.
  • Authored analyses used by the President, Secretary of Defense, and Joint Staff in determining US response to invasion of Kuwait.



  • Research Associate - Institute for Social Research:  Led field studies, database design and statistical analysis.  Introduced relational databases for statistical analysis. 
  • Teaching Assistant - Organizational Psychology. 
  • Independent Research - Neural networks; Motivation and productivity in white-collar workers.

University of Massachusetts
  • Summa cum Laude, High Honors


Program Management

Policy Maker

Personal Recommendations

Program Assessments

Selected Publications

Archer, M. A., Rothman D., Stevenson, D.R. (2005) GIG Enterprise Services Conceptual Framework.  Defense  Information Systems Agency.

Archer, M. A. (1999) Global Network Information Enterprise (GNIE) Technical Vision.  White Paper.

Archer, M A.  (1996) Bosnia Command and Control Augmentation (BCCA): Information Management Concept of Operations. White Paper.

Archer, M. A. (1993) Avoiding Hidden Stovepipe, or: stovepipe by another name would smell like creosote. White paper for Director of C3 Systems of Joint Staff (J6).

Archer, M. A. (1992) Assessing future with global modeling. Presented at Military Operations Research Society Annual Symposium, Monterey, California.

Archer, M. A. (1989) CASE for neural networks. Proceedings of CASE Studies 1989 Symposium. Fairfax, Virginia.

Groundwater, E. H., Donnell, M. L., and Archer, M. A. (1986) Verification and validation of expert systems develop for nuclear power applications. Electronic Power Research Center, Palo Alto, California - Research Report.

Archer, M. A. (1985). The five-year program for human performance research. Army Research Institute - Final Report.

Honors and Awards

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IT Executive Manager, Strategist, Architect, Integrator, Developer & Technical Visionary

Leader, Builder and Entrepreneur

Solution-driven IT executive with two decades of state-of-the-art technical innovation and international technology leadership in Asia, Europe, US, and the Middle East.  Highly motivational people-oriented leader with reputation for intuitively grasping complex problems, establishing strategic goals, defining the way ahead, and turning antagonistic groups into cohesive change-oriented teams to make it happen.  Track record of slashing operating costs by leveraging existing technologies and adopting new ones.

Areas of Expertise

  Strategic IT Planning            C-Level International Management          Startups & Turnarounds       

  Program Assessments       IT Operations & Management                   Program & Project Management  Organizational Change        Contract Management                                Information Assurance (IA)

Aross-the-Board IT Acumen:

  Web-Based Applications    Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)          Distributed Systems / Computing  Neural Networks                    Artificial Intelligence (AI)                             Virtualization & Virtual Reality  IT R&D & IT Operations        Business Intelligence (BI)                          Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)  Modeling & Simulation        Software Engineering                                  Software Engineering     Database Design                  Enterprise & Network Architecture            Pearl / C++ / JAVA / AJAX


  • At ARC, increased corporate revenues more than 10X in three years by leveraging extensive contacts and technology expertise to bring in new and add-on consulting projects.
  • Slashed ARC's corporate overhead and increased profits to 38% of gross revenues by taking full advantage of distributed work force, web-based collaboration, and service outsourcing.
  • Saved confidential government client $4.8+ Million in planned expenses by identifying high risk projects for termination.
  • Identified $10+M in potential savings for confidential client by uncovering redundant development projects, resources, and testbed requirements.
  • For DISA, led turnaround of underperforming international division with high employee turnover, low-selling product and single customer, and turned it into revenue leader.
  • Tripled revenues in two years and grew customer base by 500+% with enthusiastic customers worldwide, including US Combatant Commands in Europe, Asia, the Mideast and S. America.
  • Personally negotiated sensitive inter-Service agreements resulting in $12 Million in contracts to establish Pentagon's Joint Information Management Center.
  • Reduced NRC's nuclear power plant inspection report timeframe 78% (from three months to three weeks) by leveraging existing IT systems and technologies.


Challenging Executive Management, Consulting, & Program Assessment Opportunities


System Integration
IT R&D and Development
Program Assessments
Fast, Low Burden, Cost Effective Independent Program and Project Reviews
IT Operations & Management
Strategic Planning
Program Management