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Looking for a full-time position as a member of a support desk or system administration team in an environment where my lifetime of experience can be directly applied and a difference can be made.

Work experience

May 2010Present

Sole Proprietor

The Portland Gasworks
  • Owned and operated a “white glove” web-hosting and dedicated application server business for clients on Debian Linux
  • Provided advanced design and consulting services
  • Deployed custom applications including the conversion of an application designed for CentOS to Ubuntu Linux
  • Deployed custom applications using Amazon’s Elastic Computing Cloud
  • Created and deployed custom Voice-over-IP applications and operated a small non-facilities exchange
  • Created and deployed custom applications using a Puppet (and later Chef) server, includng the automatic partitioning of Amazon S3 “buckets” as part of deployment
Mar 2012Mar 2014

Senior Noc Technician

  • Day-to-day tasks in a busy NOC, including routine system administration tasks in CentOS and Solaris
  • Day-to-day provisioning and administration tasks on a VMware ESX cluster
  • Advanced “Tier III” troubleshooting for technical support and customers
  • Implemented custom scripts in Nagios monitoring system for tactical updates
  • Managed outages of a busy MSO spanning multiple technologies including dark fiber, “Fiber to the Premises” (both dedicated and passive optical), conventional coaxial services, and LTE wireless
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting of circuits to upstream providers
  • Monitoring of broadcast TV stations and high-impact events on cable system
  • Subject Matter Expert on telephone services, including the creation of a custom Asterisk-based server for diagnosis of Fax-over-IP issues
  • Subject Matter Expert on E-mail servers (Oracle Messaging Server)
  • Commensurate to my title and experience, was looked upon as a team leader and mentor of the group
Nov 2007May 2010

Engineer, Voice and Mobility

Structured Communications
  • Designed, created, and provisioned advanced Voice-over-IP phone systems on the ShoreTel platform
  • Designed, created, and provisioned call centers using ShoreTel’s Contact Center
  • Designed, created, and deployed custom advanced IVRs, including the creation of a pay-by-phone system for a regional water utility
  • Installed physical equipment and terminated circuits using standard wiring techniques
  • Built and maintained lab systems for continuing education of employees
  • Educated customers on use of system and related technologies
  • Assisted on-site IT staff with proper provisioning and configuration of Cisco and Juniper hardware
  • Subject Matter Expert on video conferencing
  • Subject Matter Expert on other VoIP platforms
Nov 2006Jul 2007

Telephone Engineer

Bresnan Communications
  • Day-to-day administration and provisioning tasks on a MetaSwitch class-5 central office
  • Initial turn-up SS7 and PRI trunks
  • Assisted with developing billing solutions for advanced services
  • Assisted with implementing of CALEA with law enforcement agencies
  • Tested and approved Cisco IAD products for use with MetaSwitch
  • Tested Asterisk interoperability with MetaSwitch
  • Subject Matter Expert on SIP, MGCP, and other Voice-over-IP applications
Sep 2005Jul 2006


Affinity VoIP Telecom
  • Developed and integrated Affinity’s E911 service including interfacing to E911 PSAP provider
  • Designed, created, and implemented new and innovative products including calling-card and “dialaround” services
  • Day-to-day administration and provisioning tasks on a PortaOne softswitch
  • Day-to-day system administration tasks on Linux and FreeBSD-based servers
  • Implementation and “quality control” for custom modifications to softswitch code
  • Supervised developer staff implementing custom modifications to softswitch and other back-end server code (in Perl and Mason)
  • Provided “Tier III” technical support to end-users and development partners


Dial Zero Networks
  • Designed, installed, and implemented Asterisk based PBXs, including a 150-seat call center in Arizona that I designed and implemented.
Oct 2000May 2001

Systems Administrator

  • Day-to-day Linux system administration tasks in a zero-downtime environment
  • Advanced confugation of company broadcast E-mail servers which handled 1.7 million outbound messages every week
  • Cluster computing environment using Solaris and Liinux
Oct 1999Oct 2000

System and Network Administrator

Taos Mountain, Inc.
  • Day-to-day Solaris and Linux  system adminstration tasks at a variety of customer sites
  • Day-to-day network troubleshooting on Cisco switches and routers
  • Installing and configuring Oracle database software at a variety of customer sites
Sep 1998Sep 1999

Chief Engineer

Motion Broadcasting/Intelegenesis, Inc.
  • Day-to-day Linux System Administrator tasks and provisioning of dial-up circuits, as well as designing infrastructure for the company’s fledgling instant messaging product
May 1998Sep 1998

Network Administrator

The Transcription Prescription
  • Supporting a busy Novell Netware network of transcriptionist workstations and WAN access to various customer sites and networks



Associates, Computer Science

Rancho Santiago College



Expert knowledge of legacy telecom systems and up-to-date VoIP applications, including Asterisk, MetaSwitch, and PortaSIP platforms. Advanced knowledge of SIP and MGCP.


Expert system administration, including custom package development and deployment


Sendmail, Oracle Messaging Server, exim, Microsoft Exchange


Expert-level systems administrator, both x86 and SPARC architectures.  Advanced knowledge of Sun/Oracle hardware and blades