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Artistic Abilities
During my time in the Buendia household, I have learned the family trade of silverwork being trained by Colonal Aureliano Buendia.  I also had the chance to design the liberal uniform during the war .  The inspiration coming from Melquiades, a family friend.  I hope to use this creativity in building the educational program and making learning fun for the children of Macondo.
Growing up with my nanny Visitacion I was able to learn both the language of Guajiro and spanish.  I am fluent in both and can translate for others when the opportunity is availiable.
Military Leader
During the Liberal war in Macondo, I was able take charge of the city in a liberal way.I took responsibility and kept the town balanced and under control.  The opporunity to be an authoritarian figure proves my capability to be in a management position, The experience will help me in being a great school leader since I have created skills in controlling group situations.
Educational Enthusiast
Growing up in Macondo, I was homeschooled. There was no formal education in Macondo. I have always excelled in my studies and would like to share my knowledge with others.  It excites me to work with kids and to start an educational program so they can benefit  in opportunities I did not have.


I am very much interested in education and  involved in the liberal movement.  It is the most current issue in the town of Macondo at the moment.  I enjoy all aspects of history and currently reading the ancient manuscripts of Melquiades. He is a wise family friend which I had the pleasure of working with earlier in my life.  I am married to Santa Sofia de la Piedad Together we have three children.  They are a joy and help in my experience with interacting with children.  I am also intouch with my emotions proving that I am sensitive enough to work with the children of the community.


Woodrow Wilson

Aureliano Buendia

George Bush

We worked together on the No Child Left Behind project

Melquiades the Gypsy



- Obtaining a  job in education management

- Organizing an educational system in Macondo.

Work experience

Authoritarian Figure

Assumed leadership in Macondo when Colonel Aureliano Buendia left for military purposes.  Ruled with tyrannical dictatorship style.  Promoted schoolchildren's interest in well-being of city through liberal ideals.