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Academic Details

Jul 2010Jun 2014

Bachelor of Technology (Computer Science and Engineering)

National Institute of Technology Calicut

CGPA: 7.85


I.S.C (Indian School Certificate)

Sarvodaya Vidyalaya, Trivandrum

Percentage: 92%


I.C.S.E (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education)

Sarvodaya Vidyalaya, Trivandrum

Percentage: 93.8%

Work experience

Jul 2014Present

Software Development Engineer

Intel Corporation - Intel Security BU
  • Software Developer in a cross functional team following Scrum methodology.
  • Involved in the various phases of product development - end to end from design, planning, feature development, automation, testing to refactoring and deployment.


  • Common UI: A UI module that provides consistent, re-usable interface for configuring multiple products.  Java, Ext JS, JavaScript, Perl 
  • MQM Mobile User UI: A responsive mobile-friendly web UI to access the product interface. Well received in the Intel Security Innovation Showcase and is in consideration for adaptation to other products. Javascript, JQuery, C++, SQL 
  • MQM Automation Module: Customize an in-house Perl based Automation Framework to the requirements of the product - which included contributing in the design stages and working from the ground up. PerlSelenium

Technical Skills

  • Languages: Java, Python
  • Scripting: Perl
  • Web Technologies: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, ExtJS
  • IDE: Eclipse, Visual Studio
  • Tools: Wireshark, Fiddler
  • Libraries: OpenCV, FANN (Fast Artificial Neural Network), NumPy, TensorFlow
  • Database: SQL


Project: Eye Gaze Tracking using a Webcam
Duration: 6 months, January 2014 - June 2014
Guide: Ms. Lijiya A, Asst. Professor, National Institute of Technology Calicut
Tools: Visual Studio in C#, OpenCV, and FANN (Fast Artifical Neural Network) libraries
Project Description:

  • Undergraduate Major Project with a team of 3 members
  • Application that estimates the location on the screen where a user is looking at (eye gaze) using images from a mounted web camera.
  • Model from a multilayered feed forward neural network trained by supervised learning with Back Propagation algorithm, using processed images of the eye (input) looking at pre-determined locations on the screen (output).


Project: Simple Integer Language (SIL) Compiler
Duration: 6 months, January 2013 - June 2013
Guide: Dr. Vineeth Paleri, Professor, National Institute of Technology Calicut
Tools: GCC, LEX (For Lexical Analysis), YACC (Parser)
Project Description: 

  • A compiler developed from scratch; simple & strongly typed, with all common
    programming constructs (variables, conditions, looping, procedures etc.)
  • Worked through all the phases of compiler design - lexical, syntax and semantic analysis and then Intermediate and Machine Code generation.
  • Machine code is generated for a simulated hardware, based on the MIPS machine architecture, called SIM (Simple Integer Machine)


Project: - A Movie Review Website with custom CMS (Payasam)
Duration: 3 months, Summer 2013
Tools: JavaScript, CSS, JQuery, PHP, SQL
Project Description:

  • Freelance work. UX focused design done in a short development time.
  • Custom Content Management System, 'Payasam' - user friendly interface to easily add dynamic content.

Additional Information

  • "Eye Gaze Tracking using an Artificial Neural Network" - One of the 6 projects (out of 40) that were nominated by a panel of professors for "TCS Best Project Award" - 2014.
  • 1st place in 'Cascade Coding' - a team coding challenge organized by Barton Hill College of Engineering, Trivandrum, Kerala as a part of its annual college festival, Aagneya - 2014. 
  • Winner of "Catch Them Young 2008" Program, organized by Infosys, Trivandrum. 50 best students selected from a test will undergo a two-week training on various IT topics at Infosys and two students will be selected, based on their overall performance to work on an Infosys internal project - 2008
  • Football (soccer) enthusiast: participates actively in tournaments. 
  • Keen interest in music: Trained in jazz drums and self-taught in guitar.
  • Senior Executive of 'Dance and Dramatics' club, Program Committee Manager for the annual cultural and technical festivals at National Institute of Technology Calicut: Organized club and inter-college events.
  • Core Design Committee member at National Institute of Technology Calicut: developed and maintained websites for the inter-college technical and cultural festivals.