Arash Rajabzadeh



Wave Theory

Applying  Elliott Wave Theory and counting waves and sub-waves to get better view of market behavior and draw probable scenarios for price movement

Harmonic Trading

Magic trading style ! Finding PRZ and TRZ and wait to trigger !

Time Analysis

Using time analysis  to find bulls and bears power.... Time analysis to determine necessary time for position to be open and time to exit from position and many other useful applications....

Classic Technical Patterns

Using classic technical patterns such as: head and shoulders, flag, triangles, double tops and double bottoms and etc.

Fibonacci Trading

Fibonacci series and numbers have key role in my works. Fibonacci techniques such as price retracement, price projections and price extensions help me to find entry levels and targets.


To work in Forex Market Brokers as member of analysis team or other positions


Please note that i live in Iran at the present time (april2013) but i will immigrant to the United States during next 6 months due to winning in lottery immigration visa.

i am ready to send you my live works and analysis every day so you can monitor my works and judge my knowledge and experience.

Work experience

Work experience
Mar 2009 - Present

Technical Analyst

Avaye Agah Brokerage Company