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Mind Leaders

Business Training necessary to survive and flourish in today's fast paced work environment.

Professional Development and Business Skills topics such as Business Ethics, Sexual Harassment, Customer Service and Leadership.

Coaching Certificate (2008)


Coaching skills for Workplace Learning and Performance Professionals

  • Using an interactive process to help clients develop more rapidly and produce more satisfying results, and improving others’ ability to set goals, take actions, make better decisions, and make full use of their natural strengths. 
  • A model that outlines a coaching process they can use with individuals, teams, or an entire organization, and will practice foundational coaching competencies through role plays, group exercises, and case studies.
  • Collecting data, establishing action plans, measuring and tracking results, and planning and managing the coaching program, to meet the specific needs of learning professionals. 

The content of this program is based on the ASTD Competency Study and helps in preparation for obtaining the CPLP™ credential.

The ASTD Coaching Certificate is aligned with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics and the ICF Core Coaching Competencies.

Change Management Certification (2007)

PROSCI - Change Management Institute

Psychology of Change - Foundational principles for managing change.

Best Practices Research data - 411 companies share best practices in change management

ADKAR model - Fundamentals of managing the people side of change

Change Management Process - Comprehensive change management process 

Preparing for Change - Assessment tools to prepare a change management strategy

Managing Change - Creating effective change management plans

Reinforcing Change - Celebrating successes, diagnosing resistance and reinforcing change will make your change management process complete.


CR100 - CRM Customizing Fundamentals (2006)

CR300 -CRM Sales (2006)

CR400 - CRM Interaction Center WinClient (2006)

CR410 - CRM Interaction Center WebClient (2006)

CR500 - CRM MiddleWare (2006)

CR600 -CRM Marketing (2006)

CR700 -CRM Sales (2006)

CR900 -Analytical CRM (2006)


AC305 -Asset Accounting (2005)

LO100 -Plant Maintenance (2003)

ACNA03 -Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable/Configurations (2002)

ACNA02 - General Ledger Configuration Workshop (2002)

SAP Brazil

BC400 - ABAP Workbench Basics (1998)

BC405 -Techniques of List Processing (1998)

BC410 -Transaction Processing (1998)

BC411 -Advanced ABAP Programming (1998)

BC415 -Communication Interface Programming (1998)

BC420 -Interface Programming for Data Transfer (1998)

BC425 -Enhancements and Modifications (1998)

Systems Analysis

Universidad de Morón


  • PROSCI Change Management Certification
  • Professional and Personal Coaching certificate program