Work History

Work History
Jan 2009 - Present

Managing Director

Decision Making

Value Added Services provider for Mobile, Fixed Lines Operators & Corporations

Director of the startup of a new Convergent TV System

Director of the startup of an e-Academy for an American University

Founder and CEO of the first company of Argentina dedicated to offer loans via Internet

Founder and COO of 6G Communications, a Telecommunications & Media company dedicated to give VOIP and Internet services to 2 million of Unions affiliates

Executive responsible of the startup of a medical equipment company

Business Associated of Tata Consulting Services for the development of new businesses in Argentina

Business Architect of a USA telemedicine company

Business Associated of SAP for the business development with Telecommunication Cooperatives

Business Associated of BBC Technology Siemens Media and Grant Thornton for the Transformation of Channel 13 of Chile into a Multi-Media company due to the startup of Digital Television in Chile

Turnaround of Demag Cranes & Components of Argentina after its Management Buy-Out

Oct 2006 - Dec 2008

Chief Operating Officer

Emerging Markets Communications Inc

Member of the Board, recruited to be the COO, position assigned until that moment to the Founder.

Turn around a growth but underperforming company, supporting the business growth from 10 to 40 million dollars and the 8% of reduction of Direct Costs and 15% Operational Costs.

Global operations, customer services and supply chains in 140 countries through 10 Regional Support Centers in: USA, UK, Germany, UAE, Argentina, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Senegal and Thailand, 1 teleport in Germany (the third in the world) and 1 teleport in UK (collocated in ATT installations).

Business partner of the Sales VP of Sales with the objective of closing USD 60 million of new businesses annually

Start Up a highly secure Data and Disaster Recovery Center in Germany in 3 month.

Clients: United Nations, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, African Union, US Army, CITI, HSBC, BNP Paribas, Total and ATT.

Dec 1994 - Mar 2006

Cross Company Project Director

Telecom Argentina

Cross Company Projects Director, 2003-2006

Director of the program for the implementation of SAP and the convergence of fixed and mobile businesses, reporting to Telecom Italia

Member of Sarbanes-Oxley Committee

IT Director of Paginas Amarillas / Corporate Shared Service Center, 2002-2003

Transformation of a decentralized scheme of 9 companies in a corporate model based on Shared Service Centers

Turnaround of the Information Technology department of the Phone Directories company and implementation of a Shared Service Center for the Corporation.

Client Manager, 2001-2002

IT department transformation in order to reduced the delay of business requirements from 120 to 20 days.

Startup of broadband services in 1 year with the objective of reach 100.000 customers yearly.

Call Center Manager,2000-2001

Organized the long distance call center in order to support 100.000 subscriptions monthly

Business Process Reengineering Manager, 1997-2000

Business Process Reengineering and Change Management needed for the market deregulation. The assignment involved the negotiation and coordination of projects between Argentina, Australia, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, 200 million dollars, a 500 project team and 2000 employees involved in the transformation.

Customer care operations migration from 46 commercial offices to 6 call center and 3 back offices with savings up to 25%

Operational Controller, 1995-1997

P&L responsibility of a business unit of USD 500 million and 550.000 customers with a decreased of 18% of Operational Costs due to the consolidation of 3 business units

Project Manager, 1994-1995

Instituted the first holding scorecard reporting to France Telecom

Jul 1993 - Dec 1994

Reengineering & Organization Manager


Reengineering and Change Management for the implementation of new corporate business architecture, Oracle Financial and the holding scorecard at the holding level

Jan 1993 - Jun 1992

Strategic Planning Supervisor

Growth strategies development for the main mobile operator: Movistar (formerly Movicom-Bell South)

Privatization leadership of Petroquímica Bahia Blanca for Dow Chemical.

Oct 1990 - Jan 1992

Young Professional


Participation in the Young Professionals program, involved in the privatization of ENTEL (Argentine’s PTT) and projects pre-sales


Jan 2000 - Dec 2001

Management Doctor


Thesis: Change Management of Large Projects – in process

Oct 1989 - Sep 1990

Master in Business Strategy

Jan 1980 - Dec 1988

Management Engineer



Looking for opportunities to play a leadership role in new or very dynamic fields or ventures.


Global Senior Executive with standout success leading global companies for growth and profitability. Proficient in: strategic planning, business development, startups, turnarounds, P&L management and complex and conflictive operations.

Diversified, accelerated and supported company's growth from USD 10 million to USD 40 million within 2 years.

More than 40 international projects up to USD 200 million and 500 people.

Result-Driven Leader adept at streamlining processes, reducing costs and right-sizing organizations.

Reduced Direct Costs 8% and Operational Costs 15%; instituted long term agreements and operational controls.

Increased 100% installed services in 2 years, with an increase of only 50% of the headcount.

Cut USD 50 millions of Operational Costs after merging 3 business units.

Startup and sale of the 100% of the capacity of highly secure Data Center in Germany in 6 month.

Startup of broadband business in Argentina, reaching 100.000 customers yearly

Change Agent who charts strategic direction, communicates vision and executes action plans to drive results and solve problems.

Transformed a satellite operator managed by its founder, into a full range telecommunications company managed by a board of executives in less than 1 year.

Transformed a customer care operation based on 46 commercial offices, into customer care operation based on call centers and back offices, reaching 25% of savings

Transformed a multi-company model of operation through the implementation of shared service centers

Multicultural Leader, highly skilled in operations up to 140 countries, flexible and ambiguity tolerance to quickly and effectively handle different and changing circumstances, confidence to solve problems and take on work assignments that involve serious difficulties and risks




Empathy to gain in-depth understanding of other people.


Ambiguity tolerance to comfortably and effectively deal with situations where things occur that cannot be anticipated.


Confidence to take on work assignments that involve serious difficulties, obstacles and risks.


Flexible to quickly handle many different and changing kinds of circumstances but also with the capacity to assume complex jobs that requires planning and thinking things through to assure that results are achieved.