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Work experience

'm Architect, Master in Management and Property Development with specialization in implementing large projects. My experience covers areas such as Project Management, having participated in the construction of one of the first buildings to LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design), in Chile, certification system for sustainable buildings certification, which is based on the incorporation of issues related to energy efficiency. My performances are related to the control of management, planning, administration and control of contracts. Experience in preparing tender bases, coordinating the associated specialties. In addition to extensive experience in architectural design, project details and specifications. In each work activity performed I have characterized the implementation of operational and logistical standards, leadership on teams, among others. With a vision that privileges the ethical, my spirit is creative and entrepreneurial, customer-focused and outcome.

May 2012Sep 2014

Construction Maneger


In charge of construction management of major projects, such as office building, remodeling offices, residential block from home, improving the standards of the company by 20%.

Jan 2010Aug 2014


Soginco Ltda.

Architect in charge of design and control on building projects such as residential Houses, Restaurants and shops. My designs are characterized by the restoration of old elements and their conservations in time.

Jan 2008Dec 2010

technical Inspection

Intexsa SA

Project Sodimac Copiapó, LEED-certified building, construction of ecological character, which its construction was highly complex, having the entire system based on the energy savings. Responsible for coordinating and supervising all specialties such as structural work, electricity, central circuit, air conditioning, central boxes, security system, and other finishes. I implemented a system of weekly monitoring of progress states. Where I got that deadlines were met without ever neglecting the pubic. In addition to coordination with LEED certification.

Jan 2006Dec 2008


AE Arquitects

• Architecture Projects and property management •


-Orchard College: architecture project execution and advisory services in the construction of additional rooms and multipurpose room.                               

 - Adel Ltda .: execution architecture project offices and warehouses in Puerto Vespucio industrial park.

- College Molina, project execution, participating and winning public tenders and developing project of more than 3500 m2. Built.

- Conception Cemetery Park, winning bidding contest with innovative proposal, working with sculptors and designers in a park of 14 hectares.

Jan 2004Jan 2006

Arquitecto, Head of Operations


Production of corporate events and marketing. Activities: I worked in the area of ​​design and manufacture of stands. Achievements: • internalize manufacturing necessary to achieve our projects by creating a workshop petty structures; improvement generated savings of up to 25%. In addition to shortening response times and improve the quality of them. • consolidé Formé and a team of disciplined and effective human, which allowed to raise our standards of performance and quality of service to external and internal customers.

Jan 2003Jan 2004


Matta Appraiser

Company dedicated to the appraisal and property management.

Activities: I developed work appraisal of real estate, securities management of land and buildings, in addition to appraisals for Banco Santander.


• Participated in the development of a computer program that improved pricing accuracy results at levels up to 120%.

• I designed and put in place to implement business process oriented architecture expertise to the traditional mechanics of company sales.

Jan 2002Jan 2003

Project Manager


Company engaged in property management Activities:

I was Executive Sales and Post-Sales, by taking a package of 120 homes.

Achievements: •

I increased sales by 50% in the first quarter of my period.

• Participated actively in the delivery of the first stage, achieving high performance in post-sale actively negotiating with landowners customers.

• Developed and implemented a training course for the sales área.

Jan 2001Jan 2002

Contructor Assistant


Construction company

projects I and II Patio Isidora Achievements:

• Civil Builder inspector work of Intelligent Building located at Av. Isidora Goyenechea.

• I acquired knowledge construction processes of building scale, participating in two towers of over 20 floors and 4 underground, coordinating specialty.

Jan 2000Jan 2001

architect Draftsman

Rodríguez-Cano Arquitects

Office residential architecture projects by 8,000 m2 / year.

Activities: I was in charge of terminations luxury building in the Dehesa. Achievements:

• Design and built house of 400 m2 in the resort of Mantagua.

• Organized the work dynamic in coordinating specialties.


Jan 2007Jan 2009


Chile University

Master in Management and Property Development

Cementerio Parque Concepción

Conception Cemetery Park, winning bidding contest with innovative proposal, working with sculptors and designers in a park of 14 hectares.

Lindero´s Bangalow

Construcción in 5000 m2 terrein, house of 400m2

Adel almacenage and office Building

Buildind for de almacenage in INdustrial PArñe in Santiago Chile

Granero´s BAngalow

Construcción in 5000 m2 terrein, house of 300m2

Creatempo Offices

New offices Creatempo companies

Reconstruccion Building

Restoration of heritage building for offices financial company, Plan Vital ( AFP )

Residential block houses in suburbs of Santiago


BIM, Building Information Modeling .
Rendering and Plans
Experience in designing in 3D and 2D, Architectural drawings and details of projects. Autocad, Ar.chicad, Revit, Sketchup, 3D Max