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The web-based platform appsbar, set up for designing and building applications for computers and smartphones, enables anyone to create and publish apps for free. With no technical or programming knowledge necessary, using appsbar doesn’t require any purchases or software. In fact, building an app is no longer a costly service only available to large or successful companies. Now, individuals and small businesses can use appsbar’s interactive, step-by-step guide to create completely personalized apps in a few easy steps.Striking the balance between ease-of-use and ability-to-customize, appsbar can be used on any device, whether Mac, PC, or tablet, and apps created with the system are compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad, Facebook, and HTML. After creating an account on appsbar’s website, members can create as many apps as they like and can edit or update them at any time. The appsbar platform is packed with features that can be added to apps for enhanced functionality.There are options for apps of all kinds, ranging from book and travel apps to e-commerce and entertainment apps. To get users started, appsbar offers 37 different kinds of templates. After members have their apps looking exactly as they like, the appsbar team of developers handles the technical end and gets apps ready to submit to the major markets, including iTunes. Apps are released and ready to share in only 10 to 14 days.Since its launch in 2011, appsbar has revolutionized the app world and has already helped 125,000 people create their own apps. For free.