A Place for Mom, Inc., based in Seattle, provides the largest information and referral service to address senior housing and related needs in the United States. The company contracts with tens of thousands of providers of senior services that specialize in providing in-home care, nursing and assisted living facilities, Alzheimer’s and dementia assistance, retirement housing and independent-living apartments, and more. The 150,000 older adults and their families who elect to work with A Place for Mom have access to personalized advice and empathetic counsel from Senior Living Advisors who live and work in the communities they help. A Place for Mom only charges the senior living businesses in its referral network, so families never receive a bill for any of its services, and are under no continuing obligation to use the service. A Place for Mom can provide substantial information about the issues affecting seniors and their loved ones. Helping people who have Alzheimer’s disease, for example, is a common concern for many individuals who care for older adults. The staff of A Place for Mom has compiled data on this condition, which affects some 4.5 million people in the U.S., and offer checklists and guidelines to those seeking specialized programs that assist patients with memory loss and dementia. In one published query, a client wondered how to determine when her mother, who had Alzheimer’s, would need to transition from assisted living to a nursing home. An advisor at A Place for Mom responded with a pathfinder that led the client through the various contractual obligations families face when dealing with each type of facilities, compassionate information on how to analyze the patient’s individual needs, and ideas about alternatives such as obtaining additional in-home help at the assisted living community. A Place for Mom understands that many factors go into making difficult decisions about care, support, and housing for older adults, and maintains an active online presence on Facebook and Twitter to better communicate with anyone who seeks more information.