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Summer Schools


My goal is to work as a researcher in Environmental Management. I am excited about Climate Change and its business opportunities, which are many. I have been working hard for the last years in order to be successful in this field. I know that I have too much to learn yet, but I am very motivated to do anything that it would be necessary to achive my own success and my company's success. I am hard- worker and always I am suitable for doing any activity. 

Work experience

Sep 2013Present

Land and Water Management Research

Valencia University

Nowadays  I am involved in a research at Valencia University, which  is related to the optimization of the existing water resources over a specific area, and an appropriate management of agricultural land, using remote sensing techniques and financial studies. Basically, the study of water consumption in agriculture has been a research line with significant advances in recent years. Most of this progress has been fundamentally focused on the improvement of irrigation systems, but there is still room for the global optimisation of the primary activity to be able to adapt agriculture to new environmental scenarios resulting from climate change.




During my stay  I did the following activitiesl:

- Waste Water Analysis

- Drinkable Water Analysis

- Microbiology


Waste Water Treatment Plant

Aqualogy Medioambiente

I worked analysing waste water parameters at the laboratory. Besides, I was aware of waste water produce such as its steps and requirements.


Drinkable Water Treatment


I worked analysing drinkable water parameters.  Besides I was part of the techincal team, supervising the whole procedure.


Environmental Techinical

COTA Ambiental

Developing the Agenda 21 in Schools in order to teach, what is the best way to care our environment. Children are the best way to change adult's mentality, so if children want to recycle, parents should do it. For that reason, our goal was to work with young children and teenagers in order to turn their daily routines into more environemntal firendly routines.


Environmental Technical

Benidorm Council

Agenda's  21 implementation in Benidorm City. It was to enhance the green mindset among population by friendly environmental activities.


Water Laboratory Technical


During my stay in that company I did the following activities:

- Control food quality

- Drink water analysi

- Food analysi



GIS related to Environmental Management: GIS and SEXTANTE

High Institute of Environmental Sciences

geographic information system (GIS) is a computer system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographical data. I did this course to enhance my knowledge in order to be more competent at environmental business field.

Sep 2012Dec 2013

Water Management

Valencia University

Water Management Master Degree gave me the knowledge to undertand the whole waste water treatment process and to be aware of all problems related to water management. I learnt  either policy nor enviromental solutions to optimizate the land management ir order to enhance agricultural and urban activities.


Agenda 21: a tool for getting the sustainability

State Goverment. Environmental Department

This course was related to encourage people, either students or  adults, to develop "Green Activities". Its goal was to turn society's mindset into a friendly/green mentality.  


Integrated Management Systems of Quality, Environment and Prevention

Center of Clean Technologies

Course related to environmental tools in order to optimizate the manage of land and water resources. Besides, it was about  pollution and waste management.


Landscape course: from land to satellites

Valencia Goverment. Environental Department

Master Degree in Food Quality (Industry)

High Business School

This degree was about Control/Supervise the  whole Procedure in Food Companies. It is necessary to assess each step of the method in order to enhace them. With this Master Degree I have plenty of knowledge about Environmental Policy, Technical requirements an optimization management.


Green Spaces Management and Protection

Valencia University

Course degree about how we must manage Green Spaces in order to get much benefit/profit  from them.


Green Spaces Mangement

Valencia University

Course to enhance my knowledge about Green Spaces management.


Certificate to teach in Secondary School

Alicante University

It  allows you to teach in Secondary Schools, as a teacher of any subject related to science. In Spain is necessary if you want to teach in both, public and private schools.



Valencia University

Biology gave you excellent tools to be success in many areas, because it has plenty of interesting subjects envolving it. While you are doing the degree, you can learn from different professional fields. This experience gives you huge tools to face any problem in your life. If you have knowledge from differents areas, you will be able to  solve any drawback, both  in your personal and professional life.