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Work experience

Sep 2008Present


Ross and Owren Catering

This work experience combined my past two jobs, working well in formal situations (weddings, banquets, ceremonies) with a mass amount of people.  I have done well in this work and again, I am often complimented on my competence from my bosses and co-workers.  Our customers often thank our bosses for my excellent service and pleasantly kind smiles to make their guests feel welcomed.

May 2008Sep 2008

Dietary Aid

Sacred Heart Senior Living

Through the course of my work with Sacred Heart Senior Living, I was taught various ways to serve food, taking my initial training from  serving a mass amount of people in a very informal position, to serving my elderly in a respectful and pleasant manner.  My job was to serve drinks, the correct food to the correct man or woman, and to make sure that the specific food limitations/needs were met for each resident.  I was also furthered in my dish handling skills through this job, in which I moved from cleaning everything by hand to cleaning everything by machine.  I also cleaned the tables, dishes, and glass-ware, vacuumed the dining room, and handled the table linens.  Another part of this job entailed setting up the tables for the next meal to come.  I learned to earn respect by not only serving the residents, but also in connecting with them when they would talk.  I also was complimented by my boss on my abilities to handle difficult situations so well.

May 2007Sep 2007

Food Server

Cedar Fair - Dorney Park

I was trained to work on a cash register, as well as the standards necessary to be a food server.  I have been trained to cook using various types of machinery, as well as how to handle, cook, prepare, and serve the food itself.  I was trained also in sanitization. I am cash trained on the cash register and to use credit/debit card machines.  Through this job, I have learned amazing people skills and was often complimented on my ability to sell the product.


Jan 2009Present


I am studying as a double major in the fields of sonography and radiology.  I eventually hope to earn some nursing credits here, but my main focus right now is getting associates degrees in sonography and radiology.

Aug 2005Jan 2009


Saucon Valley Senior High School

I actually graduated a semester ahead of my class, meaning that I left Saucon Valley High School a semester early in order to get a jump start on my college-work at Northampton Community College.  I did all of the work myself in order to prepare and get ready for the transition.  I also did all of the work in order to get my early graduation approved not only by my principle, but also by the school board and superintendent.In my past 3.5 years at Saucon Valley High School, I spent all three and a half of them as a tutor for classes such as Algebra, Geometry, History, Government and Economics, English, and my main love in high school, music.I have had much discipline and motivation in my life from musical training, such as; 9 years in concert band (9 on flute and I doubled by teaching myself the bassoon), 1 year in the Young People's Philharmonic for which I played bassoon, 7 years in concert choir (two of which I spent as section leader), 1 year in show choir, 3 years in jazz choir, 4 years in marching band (two of which I spend as an officer - historian), 6 years in the performing arts department acting and one year performing in the pit orchestra for the show "Camelot."In addition to my musical history, I have also been in the gifted program at my school since grade 3.  This was a program for students who were above the normal learning curve, in which we would be given more challenging and demanding work.  I was often complimented with my output.  I also did the work in order to allow myself to graduate a semester ahead of my class.  I finished high school work in 3.5 years instead of the full four.  With the final sememster, I spent enrolled at Northampton Community College in Bethlehem as a full time student.


I have been using computers, both Windows and Macbooks for most of my life.  At age 5, my typing skills was roughly 80 words per minute.  Now, currently, my typing speed is roughly 150 words per minute.  I am efficient on all programs that deal with both Mac and Windows. 
Cash Handler
I was trained at Dorney Park as a cash handler for the cash register.  I was trained how to give change, take money, use credit/debit/gift cards. 


Kevin O'Connel

Mr. Oconnel has been my director for music for the past 5 years.  He has seen my dedication at work and I have served under him as his historian for my last year in marching band.  I served as section leader for 2 years in marching band for him and I served as a field marshal for him as well during the marching band season. 


My main interests fall under medical research and music, as well as psychology.  I have a very dynamic mind and I think in terms of movement, pictures, images, and I am a very visual learner.  This has led me to psychology in terms of studying how the brain functions and works as well as how it dysfunctions and other problems with the human brain.