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Aug 2012Present

University of Alabama
Aug 2008Jun 2012

Medfield High School

High School Diploma Received 

Graduating GPA: 3.14/4.0

Work experience

Aug 2008Present


-Babysitter for several families during the school year and summer months on a regular scheduled basis.

(10 hours/ week)

Achievement and Honors

-Academic Recognition Honor Roll

Freshmen year: term 4 (2008-2009), Junior year: term 1,3,4 (2010-2011), Senior year 1,2,3,4(2011-2012)

-Selected by teachers as most improved student sophomore year (2009-2010)

-Cross Country Runner (2011&2012)

-Selected one of Southern Massachusetts All Star Women's Ice Hockey Player for 2011-2012 season

- Varsity letters received 2008-2012 in Ice Hockey


Short Term Goals:

-Receive well-deserved grades of A’s and B’s in all of my courses

-Eat healthy foods and exercise daily

Long Term Goals:

-Be accepted into the Coordinated program at the University of Alabama

-Graduate from the University of Alabama in four years with a GPA of 3.8+

-Open my own practice with my Registered Dieticians License, and help men and women of all ages with eating disorders become educated in diet regimens

Work Philosophy

I believe that success gives you the key to reach highest potential and it gives you motivation to achieve even greater things. Remaining true to my word and putting forth everything I can, and never slacking is of my utmost important values. 

Community Service

-Angel Run (9 years, 2003-2012)

Organized and participated in an annual fundraising event to support an academic scholarship in memory of a former classmate

- Community Teens (4 years, 2008-2012)

Participated as a volunteer in a variety of projects including; hosting a Halloween Bash for Autistic children, beautifying elderly residents’ homes through painting and yard work, and ran the ticket booth at the grammar school winter carnival.

- Best Buddies (4 years, 2008-2012)

Raise money for organization, Aid Special Needs children, Help participants during the Special Olympics and accompany special needs teenagers to the Best Buddies Prom

- Learn to Play (4 years, 2008-2012)

Help teach children (K-5) how to skate and play ice hockey

- Relay For Life (3 years, 2009-2012)

Raise money to find a cure for cancer

- Senior Ambassador (1 year, 2012)

Help incoming freshmen and new students get to know the High School

Advise and aid underclassmen

- Christmas in the City (1 year, 2008)

Raise money for organization and aid in the set up/ clean up of Christmas for inner city children

- Teaching Religious Education (CCD) (2 years, 2011&2012)

Teach 7th graders about Catholicism

-Planned and hosted a fundraising event for the Make It Right Foundation, 9th Ward. Raised over 4,000 dollars in charitable contributions. (2009)


-Fitness: Exercising in the gym and outside

-Spending quality time with friends and family at the summerhouse on Cape Cod in New Seabury, MA

-Cooking and trying new recipes for get togethers with friends and family

Work Sample

Literary Analysis of Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Society Motivates Fear

Fear is an emotion that can be seen within every society throughout all ages. The emotion can be covered by behavior that people use to shield themselves from those surrounding them. How people cope with fear and the inability to understand the underlying meaning of a specific fear can create complete panic. Giving into the behaviors that can arise with this unfortunate emotion can be the reason for the ultimate downfall of a society. Finding a way to channel the hysteria can be an enormous tool to staying sane amidst the madness. Although keeping sane can help one person, it may not help other people in a similar situation. As seen in Lord of the Flies, William Golding uses the character Simon to emphasize that the fear of the unknown can be a powerful force, which can develop into either insight or hysteria.           

The way that Simon deals with the fear of the unseen is more composed than and different from how the other boys do. Simon understands that the boys’ biggest fear is not an unseen beast, but the idea of there being a beast. Simon exhibits his maturity and wisdom by expressing his thoughts about the beast, “maybe there is a beast…maybe it’s only us” (Golding 89). Through this expression Simon exhibits his own personal thoughts and displays his radical thinking, relating him and his actions to that of a sage. Simon is able to maintain his sanity because of his rational thinking. By doing so, he does not fall to the pressures in the society that cause complete hysteria.

In Lord of the Flies, many boys on the island fall to the pressure their own fears create, which causes their ultimate demise. Simon, however, finds serenity through the Lord of the Flies. Through his hallucination he is able to keep composure among all of the insanity that surrounds him. Simon wholly embraces his fantasy, “ ‘What are you doing out here all alone? Aren’t you afraid of me?’ ...Simon shook… ‘There isn’t anyone to help you. Only me’ ” (Golding 143). Simon’s psyche creates this for him as a means to escape the insanity of the society the boys create on the island. Instead of letting the fear get to him, he befriends the Lord of the Flies and takes it head on. Essentially, having a make-believe friend helps Simon, but it also intimidates the boys. It ends up leading to his death because of Simon’s suspiciously calm behavior through all the chaos.

The tranquil behavior exuded by Simon in Lord of the Flies keeps him from succumbing to the cruel society that erupts over time. However, this means of survival turns out to work in quite the opposite direction as the other boys feel his quiet composure is a threat. Since Simon does not let the savagery within him be seen by the others, his calmness brings forth savagery in the others. In a critical analysis of Lord of the Flies, “Simon is the first to suggest that the beast might actually be the creation of their own fears, but the other boys misunderstand and ignore him” (Koopmans 67). There is no tendency for violence as Simon remains sane and understanding of situations; this in turn causes the boys to question and only increases their fear.

Lord of the Flies exemplifies in the simplest way that a society’s collective fear can lead anyone to savagery. Golding uses the character of Simon to display his composure and the way he deals with his fears. The hallucination of the Lord of the Flies aids Simon in keeping composure under the most troubling circumstances. This calmness he radiates stirs up suspicious thoughts from the other boys, who ultimately are so intimidated that the savage within is shown when they kill Simon. All in all, Simon is used in the novel to emphasize that fearing the unknown can only get worse until complete chaos breaks loose.


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