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Groups and Associations

SDForum - the emerging technology connection, ExecuNet, FWE&E - Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and Executives, Churchill Club, Commonwealth Club, AmBAR - American Business Association of Russian-Speaking Professionals


  • Results-driven executive with demonstrated ability to develop and execute winning strategies, operate successfully in a global environment, lead motivated and efficient multi-functional distributed organizations, influence and build partnerships and business alignment to meet and exceed product and revenue goals.
  • Extensive experience driving software products through software lifecycle, employing different development methodologies, delivering to enterprise customers, developers, and open source communities.
  • Recipient of Sun Microsystems Leadership Award that recognizes top leaders in the company who “deliver business results, overcome challenges, and have a track record of leading with integrity and passion and inspiring and developing people and organizations”.

Work experience


CEO of Yandex Labs and VP of Engineering


Executive Director, Strategic Technology Licensing

Sun Microsystems
  • Developing and implementing strategies for revenue growth through intellectual property licensing.
  • Leading Strategic Technology Licensing Group which manages, coordinates and executes the licensing of third party technologies that are to be distributed as, or with, Sun products and services.
  • Working with Executive VP of Corporate Development, VPs in Software and Systems, and Strategic Alliances team to define and articulate gaps in current product and services solutions and find opportunities to fill them through licensing deals, OEM deals, or partnership agreements.

Executive Director, St. Petersburg Development Center (SPBDC)

Sun Microsystems
  • Envisioned, founded, and led software engineering center in St. Petersburg, Russia, that became a key contributor to flagship Sun Software products (Java, Java Compatibility Kits, Sun Studio, Java Studio Enterprise, and Creator developer tools) and one of Sun's top global engineering centers.
  • Expanded SPBDC from initial 100 to 400 employees, managed and influenced Sun multimillion-dollar investment, developed center's strategy and roadmap and expanded its charter and depth of expertise.
  • Represented and raised SPBDC visibility across Sun and Sun visibility across Russia, drove the adoption of Sun products and technologies among Russian developers, students, and academia, organized technical conferences and events.
  • Instilled, grew, and reinforced Sun culture at the center, built and developed SPBDC leadership team, achieved and maintained high retention rate of SPBDC employees, strengthened connections and influenced increased collaboration between SPBDC, US headquarters, and other global centers.

Engineering Director, Java and Developer Products

Sun Microsystems
  • Led 200-people multi-functional organization distributed across California, Colorado, Czech Republic, India, Russia and responsible for quality engineering, sustaining engineering, technical support, release engineering, and infrastructure and lab management for all Sun developer products.
  • Successfully and efficiently led the progression of multiple releases of Sun developer and enterprise tools through software lifecycle phases, from requirements phase through release and delivery to maintenance, deploying different software development methodologies (waterfall, incremental, extreme, agile).

Senior Engineering Manager, Developer Tools

Sun Microsystems
  • Managed and led 50-person organization distributed across California, Colorado, Czech Republic, Russia responsible for quality engineering for Sun developer and enterprise tools – Java Studio Enterprise, Java Studio Creator, NetBeans, Forte for Java, Solaris compilers, Teamware.
  •  Built strong, cohesive, efficient organization out of 3 geographically distributed teams with different cultures, processes, and infrastructure that came together as a result of acquisition.
  • Drove significant quality improvements in Sun developer products contributing to higher satisfaction of enterprise customers and increased adoption of Sun tools by developer community.

Engineering Manager, Enterprise Products / Developer Tools

Sun Microsystems
  • Managed Quality Engineering team responsible for quality assurance and engineering of HotJava Browser, HotJava Views, JavaStar, JavaSpec, JavaBlend, Teamware.

Quality Engineering Manager

  • Created and managed QA organization in a start-up company producing load balancing and traffic management software.
  • Hired and trained QA engineers, set up and maintained QA infrastructure, test automation tools, and test processes, implemented and maintained bug tracking system and bug tracking procedures.

IT Manager

Medes Inc
  • Organized and managed IT department for a start-up company: set up and maintained corporate PC network and business applications, trained employees and partners, administered company database.

Research Assistant

Physical-Technical Institute
  • Computational and experimental solid state physics: modeling and experimental measurement of physical processes in semi conducting crystals, utilizing various numerical tools and visualization software for complex model-theoretical computations.



Influence, collaboration, alignment building
Business operations
Global distributed software engineering
Organizational and business leadership