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Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, successful Canadian businessman Anwar Heidary served as an advisor to governments in Afghanistan before and after the terrorist acts of September 11, 2001. In 1995, the Chief of Protocol of the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs invited Mr. Heidary to consult with the nation’s leaders on initiating construction projects, including the development of affordable housing. Due to the country’s political instability in subsequent years, construction plans came to a halt. Following the assumption of power by President Karzai after September 11, Anwar Heidary returned to Afghanistan after his appointment as an official government advisor to the Ministries of Commerce and Aviation. Mr. Heidary participated on the task force that developed commerce agreements with foreign nations for pipeline exports of natural energy. A registered financial planner, Anwar Heidary presently serves as Senior Consultant at Smart Financial Consulting in Hamilton, Ontario. He co-founded the business with his wife, who is a licensed insurance agent. Mr. Heidary provides wealth management consultation to businesses and individuals to assist them in achieving financial security and self-sufficiency. The firm sells insurance products and provides advisory services in the areas of tax planning, financial management, and investments. Anwar Heidary successfully invested in two business ventures. In the early 1990s, he purchased the Dunmark Park property, located in the historic and picturesque community of Ancaster in Hamilton, Ontario. Mr. Heidary developed Dunmark Park into an upscale golf course called Heron Point Golf Links, where he built an impressively modern 25,000-square-foot club house. Mr. Heidary later sold this enterprise to ClubLink Corporation. More recently, Anwar Heidary and his son, Dr. Walter Heidary, collaborated on the establishment of the childcare academies Childventures (, with a curriculum incorporating the best elements of the Montessori, Core Knowledge, and High Scope models. Anwar Heidary left his native Afghanistan to study engineering in Germany, where he earned an advanced degree in in the field. He immigrated to Canada, where he made a successful career change to financial planning.

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Managing Director

Smart Financial Consulting


Sep 1957May 1961


Solingen, Germany