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Anubhav Shukla

Software Development Engineer-1


SDE Java developer with 2 years of experience, open to learn and adapt with new technologies.I believe in
developing products that are not just useful but how impactful it is in customer’s life. My usp is that i strive hard to get the most optimized result in all phases of SDLC.

Work experience

Apr 2015Present

Software Development Engineer-1 

Lendingkart Technologies Pvt Ltd. Bangalore, India 

Lendingkart Technologies Pvt Ltd. is an online credit evaluation platform committed to help entrepreneurs and small businesses with Working capital finance. The company uses dynamic and robust technological applications to assess eligibility criteria for disbursements; which takes just 3 days. This in-turn has disrupted the dynamics of the lending industry.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Using Data Structures and Algorithms 
  • Java Spring4 Hibernate JPA 2.0 Tomcat8
  • Using Maven as build tool
  • Deploying WAR and JAR on AWS server
  • Maintaining SVN project Repository
  • Building RESTful Web Services
  • Db schema design and optimization using MySQL
  • Responsible for handling project individually from backend
  • After launch, seeing to the Operationalization of the product
  • Working on Js and AngularJS temporarily if situation demands

    CA/CM Dashboard:

  • Previously there was only one dashboard for internal operations team . We have started segregating the dashboards based on roles and this is the first one.
  • Credit Analyst Dashboard : Credit Analyst will now view the filtered applications assigned to the individual analyst on their respective dashboards . 
  • Credit Manager  : For CM , following features were added :
  1. Bulk assign the applications to Credit Analysts
  2. Nested search with the filters on specfic columns as well as drilldown search on status and substatus level
  • In this project , I worked on AngularJs and Javascript a bit more as UI bandwidth was not available

    Yodlee Integration: 

  • Before this feature , Bank statements were taken offline and uploaded into the system for further analysis. Loan Specialists had to run behind the customer to get the bank statements.
  • With Yodlee Intgeration , now the customer can login in his/her bank account  through Yodlee portal, which will extract the account data of customer as well as his/her transactions.
  • The cron running at our end will then fetch the extracted data from Yodlee for that particular customer and generate the bank statements accordingly. 

    App Originator:

  • Thousands of leads coming per day into the system , needs to be categorized as Duplicate , Expired , Active , Registered or Rejected based on a logic provided
  • Then out of a set of leads having same contact number or email , need to have one active lead which will be the application Originator for the corresponding lead .
  • A disbursal report will be created based on the App Originator that will be used to pay the leadsources from which the corresponding active lead got generated. 
  • The same logic had to be applied on historical data as well.

   CIBIL Score Automation:

  • RESTful Web Services for fetching the applicant data from CIBIL
  • Doing the computation on the raw data
  • Parsing the json , saving the needed information and displaying it in the preferred format
  • Using the Loan History of the applicant, generating the CIBIL analysis report comprising of various computations (which was otherwise done manually)

   Application Review System:

Building Application Review System, the interface to determine the credibility of the applicant.

  • Analysis Data will be populated on the interface by importing an excel file called Credit Analysis Template containing multiple sheets and complex macros and formulas
  • The excel sheet contains the complete analysis of the client’s financial,social,personal and CIBIL data
  • The data is then reviewed by Managers, AVP or CEO who can comment on the application and analysis data and can Assign,Approv,Reject or Reassign it back to the Credit Analyst
  • Each assignee will recieve notification mail

   External Party Integration:

  • Seller will apply for loan from one of the partner's website (Flipkart or Snapdeal)

  • RESTful Web Services to pull seller's information from the partner

  • Loan Application form where seller will fill missing data and upload bank documents

  • Customer’s dashboard where he can view the status of his loan application and also review his data

  • Admin dashboard so that admin can view and download the data in the form of excel and generate
    PDF’s for Sanction and Loan Agreement Letter

      Loan Application Form:

  • Creating which customer can fill and edit
  • Loan Application form consisted of 5 sections
  • Data is saved section wise
  • Admin for Operation's team where they can view the client's application data
May 2014Apr 2015

Full Stack Web Developer

Vantage Agora Inc., Bangalore, India


Forecast 2 Cash Pipeline:

  • On UI worked on following: Javascript/Jquery HTML CSS HighChart APIs
  • On Backend worked on following: PHP MySql Zend Framework
  • Creating 7 forms(stages)
  • Forms will be having a parent child relationship (that is parent form can be inherited by many forms) and each form will have separate fields related to it some of the field’s data will come from the
  • Parent form
  • Creating a dashboard to view the Pipeline of forms containing tree as well as funnel chart

    App Matrix:

  • On UI worked on following : Javascript/Jquery HTML CSS HighChart APIs , DataTables
  • On Backend worked on following : PHP MySql Zend Framework
  • Dashboard to view Red , Green , Yellow and Completed Tasks
  • The dashboard included two views . One containing the App Usage(Detailed view) and the other one was UI + UX view

     The DrillDown Column Chart containing the 4 bars for red, yellow, green and completed tasks.

  • The first view of the chart contains 4 columns showing the count of tasks for each of them
  • The second view that is the drilldown view consists of the top 5 view of each color with 5 bars for each person x axis having the name of the person and y axis the count of his/her tasks
  • The Detailed view consisted of following:

     A Table that is dynamically generated on click of any of the bars with the information on the table       getting populated through ajax


    DropDown Mapper

  • On UI worked on following : Javascript/Jquery HTML CSS chosen
  • On Backend worked on following : PHP MySql Zend Framework
  •  A form containing 6 dropdowns. Each dropdown corresponds to a region. Dropdowns are related to each other by hierarchy so that for the value selected in any parent dropdown , subsequent data would be populated immediately on child dropdowns using Ajax and not on page load.


  Sales Pipeline CRM:

  • On UI I worked on following : Javascript/Jquery HTML CSS HighChart APIs , DataTables
  • On Backend I worked on following : PHP MySql Zend Framework
  • Customer dashboard so that he can view his Accounts and Amounts with Targets and achieved parameters in a graphical as well as in detailed view
  • Graphical View included:

         One Yearly line chart each for Sales Amount and Sales Account Target and Achieved
         One Monthly line chart for Sales Amount and Sales Account Target and Achieved

  • The data in the charts was getting populated by a string converted to json when passed in the view side from the controller
  • The Detailed view included a table with the columns he asked for. The data generated by controller was passed on to the view side into the table




Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science and Engineering) 

PESIT (South Bangalore) 

Higher Secondary Education 

Dr Virendra Swaroop Education Center