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Work experience

Medical Technician

US Air Force Reserve

As an Air Force Reservist, I assisted the Air Force doctors and nurses with the physicals of military personnel by taking vital signs, immunizing, working in blood labs, minor dental assisting, optometry assisting, and performing hearing examinations. Air Force personnel are not restricted to one job in the medical field. Therefore, we receive training in many areas to be able to perform any duties required of us.

Teacher Assistant

West Jasper School District

At West Jasper School District, I assisted the special needs students in the self contained class. My duties ranged from minor teacher assisting to the actual feeding, and clothing of the disabled kids of Jasper County. The quality of care I gave and attention to detail that I showed when working with these students is what opened the door for employment with Smith County School District.

Feb 2008Present

Accounting Assistant/ 16th Section Clerk

Smith County School District

I am currently employed with Smith County Schools in the Superintendent's office. My title is Accounting Assistant, but as anyone who works for a school district knows, the limited funds available for small school districts means that many employees are expected to multi-task. The range of my responsibilities expands from assisting the business manager to assisting with the finalizing of the school board agenda. I also maintain the records for Sixteenth Section, send out invoices, pick up/drop off mail, receipt/make deposits, answer multi-line phone system, complete all new hire paperwork, fingerprint processing, and many other duties that insure that the schools run smoothly from day to day. 


Sheppard Tech


Approximately 100 words a minute.
I maintain trip ticket balances, ticket sales, insurance premiums, 16th section payments, and other district revenue.
Medical Assisting


Jimmy Hancock



    I am currently a resident of Jones County, Mississippi. I am a wife and mother of three beautiful girls. I am a former member of the Air Force Reserve, but I am now employed full-time with Smith County School District as the Accountant Assistant. I am currently a Freshman at Jones County Junior College in Ellisville, MS where I am majoring in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in History. Upon graduation from the University of Southern Mississippi, I will be seeking employment in the field of broadcasting. My desire is to become a news reporter with hopes of eventually becoming a national news anchor. My long term educational goal is to earn a Doctorate's degree in History.



I love to sing, surf the web, read anything available, spend time with my daughters, and last but certainly not lease spend time with my furbabies a Yorkshire Terrier named Layla and a Maltese named Sasha. When I really have free time I love to go to Walmart alone and spend hours looking around. I'm not really big on watching tv, but on those rare occasions I find myself in front of one I love to watch "improvement" shows. These shows consists of ways to improve homes to lifestyles.

The Working Poor in America

    The working class in America is a group that is often over looked and misunderstood.  They may be seen as lazy, uneducated, unmotivated and undeserving of the many benefits that we as Americans have been known to enjoy.  There are many view points on this topic for and against the working class and that is why I chose this subject to research.  I desire to understand the thinking of the fortunate and the less fortunate.  What exactly is the working poor in America?  That is one of the questions I desire to find an answer to among many others.

My interest in the working poor began in 2007 when President Obama announced his candidacy for President.  During many of his speeches his compassion for the middle class was evident.  He often talked about his family and his childhood experiences.  I felt great pride to see this man with so many worldly possessions describe what he felt like when he wasn’t quite as blessed. I started thinking about my life and the ways that poverty had affected my belief system. How could things have been different in my life had certain things been a little different?

I didn’t actually grow up in poverty but my mother and her siblings did.  My mom grew up in Winslow, Arizona back in the 60’s.  Neither of my grandparents graduated from high school but they were extremely hard workers that believed in earning everything they received.  They raised their children with Christian values and the importance of education.  But the importance of education didn’t extend beyond high school for them.  Since neither of my grandparents had graduated from high school they made sure that all of their children earned a diploma.  They never pushed them to further their education for whatever reason. Before her death I remember my grandmother announcing with pride that all of her eight kids had graduated from high school.  My mother raised me in this same manner basically.  She always told me that I could do or be whatever I wanted to be but she didn’t know how to push me to do those things.  My grand parent’s legacy includes eight children and twenty-one grandchildren.  I’m sad to say that in my family only two of the grandchildren have graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree or more. My mom did eventually go back to school and earned an Associates degree.

As a result of this mind set many of my family members have settled for mediocre lifestyles.  They couldn’t see pass the beliefs of my grandparents to do or want better.  These are intelligent people with probably above average IQs settling for working in plants or peddling here and there to make ends meet.  Many of my family members would be labeled as the working poor. These are hardworking individuals that get up daily to work minimum wage jobs.  Some of them end up with different bodily issues because of the difficult jobs they do daily. As a result of what I have witnessed daily growing up I feel as though this is the best topic for me to research.  Through my research I could not only finish a class assignment but I can better my life and my children’s life; I feel when one knows better they do better.  I plan to educate myself through some of the many books I have already come across in my quest for knowledge.  I plan to interview family members, church members and others that I deem “working poor” so that I may have a more accurate depiction of the situation.

Before I married my husband I was considered one of the working poor.  I had made bad choices and had children out of wedlock.  Because of this I struggled daily to make ends meet.  I believe that the working poor in America are an excellent topic to research because there are so many directions in which I could take my research. From all of my personal issues to the many issues that affects others, the working poor in America is a subject that could be utilized in many assignments.