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Career Goals

My current career goal would be to work in a clinical setting. I found the work that I’ve done during my rotation at Good Samaritan the most rewarding. In a hospital setting there is a chance to see many conditions and disease states. Understanding the pathology leads to a solid foundation for treatment. In a hospital you have to work as a medical team in conjunction with other disciplines ranging from RN's to MD's. Understanding the different procedures and therapies that are used on a patient makes for a better dietitian. It would be ideal to work in a hospital and continue to gain experience and develop my critical thinking skills as a dietitian. With a background in the clinical field, a career in the community setting would be my ultimate goal. The community setting offers a very personable approach for involving healthy nutrition in the lives of many people.

Dietetic Internship

Heritage Health: Community 290+ hours

Having previously been volunteering for Heritage Health, actually doing an internship took me to the next level.Instead of doing errands I was now able to do full nutrition assessments. I started providing pantry education and nutritional assessments to an underserved community.I learned how to manage difficult situations while respecting cultural backgrounds. My Spanish speaking skills helped me tremendously. Working with a predominantly Hispanic and African-American population, I was able to communicate with clients in their native tongue and built a connection with them. This good rapport with patients assisted me with obtaining information that I might not have not gotten otherwise.

The program features food pantry services, hot meals 3 times a day, group education and 1 to 1 nutrition assessments.Heritage Health also gave me the opportunity to work in an outpatient clinic. I was taught many tricks on how to counsel patients and what to look for as far as a person’s intake was concerned.As far as my own ability to chip away at patients for information, I have improved on obtaining information by being friendly but stern. I felt that bringing the knowledge down to a basic level for the patients was the key for them to understand the consultation.

Bristal Westbury: Institutional Food Service-200 hours

This rotation showed me how food service, when executed correctly, could look like.I was able to get hands-on experience in performing all job duties. From my experience I have learned the importance of being able to do all tasks from: prepping, cooking, serving and cleaning a to budgeting, ordering, menu prep, managing staff and payroll. With the experience in all aspects of food service, it is that much easier to lead your team.

Highfield Garden: In-patient Food service- 93 hours:

At Highfield Garden, I continued to perform my foodservice duties. I noticed several differences between the facilities.I was able to create a Kosher food menu. I was also able to recognize and celebrate various cultural backgrounds for International week. At Highfield the budget was lower than Bristal and I had to learn how to provide the best quality for the right quantity. I worked extensively on a weeklong ethnic menu, taking consideration of costs, staff skill, and making sure selections were pleasant.

Highfield Garden MNT 1 135 hours:

This rotation was my first experience in an inpatient clinical setting. I was able to perform assessments and learned the importance quality of life in a nursing home. I worked in cooperation with the RD and other disciplines to achieve optimal care for the residents. Meal rounds were a great way for me to get to know the residents and their eating habits.

Good Samaritan MNT 2 400+ hours:

This rotation was the bulk of my internship hours. I wanted to expose myself to the clinical setting as much as possible. Being in a hospital setting gave me the opportunity to learn about so many different conditions and diseases.I found myself learning something new everyday. I worked along a team of dietitians and got a chance to see each specialty.I gave myself the same standard of performance held from the staff.I was exposed to specialty units such as pediatrics, dialysis, and the intensive care unit. While I was there I was able to preform the duties of a clinical dietitian.

Like everything in life not everything came easy.Trying to find all my sites was an extremely stressful time for me and I was really blessed everything worked out.Some rotations were also difficult at first to get used to.I have really grown as a person and my vision on my career is not blurry anymore.I have developed my skills and have a strong desire and passion for nutrition.My philosophy on approaching somebody regarding nutrition is to be on his or her side.There is “good” and “bad” and like everything too much of anything is no good. I have learned to be empathetic and find different approaches on how to help people.I also realized that you will not impact everyone you meet; and to not get down on myself, but to keep trying.


  • Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics and Greater New York Dietetic Association 
  • Thirty and Under in Nutrition and Dietetics special interest
  • Latinos & Hispanics in Dietetics and Nutrition special interest
  • National Organization of Men in Nutrition special interest




Volunteer Experience

Heritage Health Food Nutrition Program,                        Harlem, NY               10/12 – 9/13

Dietitian Assistant Volunteer

·      Facilitated nutrition education classes for low-income, HIV positive clients to promote overall health.

·      Assisted on pantry services for clients in compliance with federal nutrition guidelines

·      Assisted on providing home food deliveries

·      Entered notes and services completed to a computer database

Boulevard Assisted Living,                                                  Flushing, NY                        04/12

Food Service Assistant Volunteer                

·      Assisted in prepping meals for facility of over 100 residents

·      Served meals on a service line in conjunction of chef orders

·      Waited tables and assisted hostess seat residents

·      Sanitized kitchen and service line

Forest Hills Wellness,                                                         Forest Hills, NY          07/11 - 3/12

Dietitian Assistant Volunteer

·      Translated counseling sessions for Spanish speaking clients with RD

·      Created meal plan ideas and recipes

·      Organized appointments through phone and email

·      Entered service notes on computer database

·      Assisted RD with billing of insurances and private clientele

Attended and translated bariatric surgery procedures discussions 


Experience in Computer and Medical Software
  Experience with Epic, SigmaCare, E-clinical Works, E-Shares Proficiency in Microsoft office and Microsoft and Macintosh hardware Able to pick up new systems and programs quickly  
Fluent in Spanish
Hispanic background and upbringing Have performed assessments and counseling in spanish Have created spanish patient education handout sheets

Work experience

Dominican University River Forest, IL 09/13 – 5/14

Distant Independent Supervised Dietetic Internship

1200hrs Total Focusing on Clinical, Community, and Food Service Experience

Clinical Rotation: Highfield Garden Care CenterGreat Neck, NY135hrs

Good Samaritan Medical CenterWest Islip, NY406hrs

·Utilized the nutrition care process to perform medical nutrition therapy in a nursing home setting

·Screened patients for nutritional risks providing nutrition interventions, goals, and recommendations for various disease and illnesses in a hospital setting

·Utilized the nutrition care process to perform initial and reassessments in a Hospital setting

·Worked in all units of the hospital including performing two weeks in the ICU

·Collaborated with interdisciplinary healthcare professionals during rounds on a daily basis

·Gained experience in diabetes, cardiovascular, renal, pediatric, pulmonary, critical care, tube feeding

Food Service Rotation: Bristal Assisted LivingWestbury, NY200hrs

Highfield Garden Care CenterGreat Neck, NY95hrs

·Participated in purchasing, receiving inventory, and menu preparation

·Facilitated in-services on food safety

·Prepared meals following proper department of health regulations

·Served menu items on the line in a efficient manor

·Developed a menu based on cultural diversity while maintaining food items Kosher

Community Rotation: Heritage Health Harlem, NY296hrs

·Conducted nutrition assessments and reassessments for low income HIV positive clients

·Facilitated nutrition education classes and cooking demos to promote overall health

·Distributed pantry and assisted in trips to local farmer markets

·Followed medical nutrition therapy in a outpatient clinic and school nursing office

·Promoted development and growth using bulletin posters in PS 192

Head Injury Association, Hauppauge, NY 05/12 – Current

Community Habilitation Counselor

·Assists individuals to independence by facilitating specific goal plans for consumers with traumatic brain injuries, autism, and other mental disorders.

·Provides transportation for errands, appointments, and activities of consumers

·Assists on grocery shopping and meal preparation

·Assists with financial management skills

·Develops appropriate behavior with consumers

·Oversees consumers safety