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I have had considerable business experience. In 2001-2002 at Conflex, printing company in St.Petersburg, because of my good command of English and some German I personally met with non-Russian-speaking engineers explaining our company's problems, interpreting their recommendations and instructions to my company's managers and their subordinates. My success in this work prompted the management of the printing company to also have me handle its procurement requirements, administering the coordination of our sales and production departments to achieve the optimum efficiency.

The good quality of my work was noted by someone who later established a new company called NedOxo and I was hired to work for them in 2002-2004, continuing my administrative and procurement duties. Practically all of NedOxo's imports were from Europe and although the company initially operated successfully, it was forced to cease operations because the rising value of the Euro made their products prohibitively expensive.

In 2005, on the basis of my high academic credentials, I was hired by the St.Petersburg State University as a lecturer of Economics. My business administration experience proved useful in organizing our University delegation's recent trip to Austria and Slovakia, arranging for visas, hotel accommodations, travel arrangements and coordinating our programs with the Slovak hosts. I was also responsible for the complicated travel arrangements for the head of our Department.

Although I enjoyed my business and academic experience in Russia, I am anxious to expand my horizon by being associated with some U.S. educational organization or established company.

Work experience

Sep 2005Jul 2011

Associate Professor

St.Petersburg State University, Faculty of Economics

·Lectures and seminars, PowerPoint presentations for the course lectures in Economics, Macro, Advanced Macro, City Economy, Economics of the Public Sector, Economic Policy.

·Supervised degree works. 

·Published scientific essays and a textbook, made scientific and advertisement reports.

·Supported personal website with teaching materials.

·Performed administrative functions.

·Created visual advertisements for educational programs.

Dec 2004Sep 2005

Shop assistant, purchasing agent

Several companies

Worked at several companies before being hired by the University for a lecturing position.

Aug 2002Dec 2004

Purchasing agent

Ned Oxo Ltd

  • Purchased various products, mainly chemicals
  • Did oral and written translations
  • Visited associates in European countries, 
  • Supervised office procedures including administrative assistance functions. 
  • Have negotiated favorable payment arrangements.

Private teacher of English and occasionally German


  • When time permitted, prepared school students for enntry exams to the institutes.
  • Most of my students have passed the exams with success
  • Received recommendation letters from students' parents
Jan 2001Jun 2002

Procurement Manager

Conflex JSC

  • Purchased equipment and materials for the flexo-printing  company. 
  • Provided various written and spoken translations, including live negotiations and correspondence. 
  • Supervised  two clerks.
  • Helped to establish pocurement processes.
Oct 2000Mar 2001


ICB bank (now VTB24)

  • Database clerk while attending University. 
  • Received a stipend from the bank in lieu of salary.
Aug 1999Sep 1999


Coca-Cola Spb Bottlers

  • Summer job.
  • Visited clients to renew rental agreements. 
  • Helped to streamline client reports.
  • For my achievements was awarded 40% cash bonus on leaving.



Sep 1996Jun 2001

Specialist (Master's)

St.Petersburg State Uiversity

  • Duration: 5 years
  • Major: R&D economics
  • Minor: Scientific management
  • Awards: presonal stipend from the ICB bank
  • Other: senior student of the class