Antonio Batie

Antonio Batie

Work experience

Work experience


Taco Bell
  1. I had to make the food.
  2. I swept the floors.
  3. I mopped the floors.
  4. I wiped the tables down.
  5. I helped out on the window.
  6. I changed the grease for the food.
Apr 2008 - Present

Maitenence helpher

Alternative Staffing
  1. I painted fixed walls,fixed toilets,fixed sinks,fixed showers,and fixed electrical units.
  2. I was a laborer for the company I moved things and threw trash out.
  3. I was on a Assembly line I assembled things.
Jun 2005 - Dec 2007


Andolinis Pizza
  1. I washed the dishes.
  2. I made the food for customers.
  3. I swept the floors.
  4. I mopped the floors.
  5. I made dough on wednesdays and sunday.
  6. I washed the tables down.
Nov 2003 - Sep 2004


Sam's Club
  1. I got the carts.
  2. I had to get the flatbeds.
  3. I helped customers with there items.
  4. I had to move things.
  5. I threw out trash.


Jan 2004 - Jun 2008





Food Prep

Im an ok food prep I want to learn more about these cooking positions.


I done had this title ever since i was 14 I am a great diswasher.


I am the man when it comes to a laborer, I have done this type of work half of my life working construction with my uncle at the age of 17.

Maitenence Helpher

I am a fast learner, And I know how to work at a fast pace I like this type of work Im a pro at it.


Hardworker Looking For a Full-time Pay off

I'm Just looking for a fulltime job right now I dont like not having a job I really need something to do I'm a great warehouse worker labor and maitenence helpher. I am looking for anything right now If you have something I'll work just let me know or you can email me directly at [email protected] thanks and have a great day.


I'm Interested In alot of fields of work and I'm willing to learn something new.