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I´m involved with basketball since 1969, first as player, than as a coach and since 1992 as a scouter/agent.

Be part of a team or lead a team it’s a great asset to anybody. In consequence of team work I won three National Championships, two as a player and one as head coach. I also help many basketball GM´s and coaches to do a winning team.  

Always thinking ahead of time, become the first Portuguese basketball agent to become professional and to be accredited by FIBA, where during that time I negotiated hundreds of contracts, included players with NBA back ground, players that play on NBA Summer League and DLeague, over 20 players that were invited to participate at the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament (PIT) and players that nobody knew it but I predicted their success. My goal as a scouter/agent was to find the right team for the right player and I’m proud of my successful career.

I helped to revive the association of coaches by promoting dialogue between various coaches.

In 2007 I met with all the teams in Galicia, Spain to check their availability to participate in a first competition with Portuguese teams but unfortunately the Portuguese Federation did not follow up as he was the wish of the best Portuguese teams.

Since the 80´s that I understood that sports are part of the entertainment and sports industry and because of that I develop my own concepts and study the Portuguese basketball, writing articles on my blog ( about the problems and solutions of the Portuguese basketball.

In consequence of that in 2014 several people wanted me to run for president of the Portuguese Basketball Federation due to the ideas I defend for Portuguese basketball.

I´m looking to work in sports management, sports marketing and cause related marketing activities in professional sports organization.

Expert: Basketball scouter; negotiating contracts; marketing and communication through sports.



Work experience


Team Sales Leader  and later become partner 

Vila Azul Propriedades

Real Estate

Vila Azul Propiedades – Coimbra a company based in Porto and with over 50 offices opened in the North of the Country from Coimbra, Aveiro, Guimarães and Braga.

On 1986 it was open the first office at the center of Portugal, Coimbra and on short time I become team leader of sales group after a short experience as a broker. On 1997 I become partner as far as Coimbra office through a franchise that was created for that proposed.

During that time I negotiated hundreds of contracts and left for to be a full time basketball representative of professional athletes and coaches.

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Scouter and Sports Agent

Antonio Pereira, Gestão Desportiva Unipessoal, Lda

Since 1992 I have been scounting, characterizing and negotiating contracts for players of different nationalities. As far as coaches are concerned, I present their CV and negotiate their contracts.

Some of the coaches and players who were introduced by me:

- Luis Magalhães: Portuguese National Champs with Portugal Telecom, F.C. Porto and Ovarense. Won Angola National Championship on 2008, 2009  and 2010 coaching Clube do 1º de Agosto. African Champs Cup on 2009 and 2010 with Clube 1º de Agosto. Lead Angola National Team on 2008 on the victory at Afro Basquete and World Games in Turkey on 2010 (8º  place). On 2012/2013 coach Recreativo do Libolo from Angola.

- Alberto Babo, Portuguese National Champs coach with Clube Atlético de Queluz. Coach Petro de Luanda,from Angola where in 2009 won the National Chapionship. Currently coach Inter Clube from Angola since 2012/2013.

- Ricard Casas, won the 2015/2016 Angola National Chapionship with Clube 1º de Agosto - BIC Basquete. Previus coach team from ACB - Spain from 1990 until 2014. Spanish National Team coach on under 18 and under20.

International Portugueses players:

- José Costa
- António Tavares
- Diogo Carreira

- Matt Nover: Indiana Univ.; Italia Portugal

Import players (multiple nationalities):

- Mark Acres: NBA (Boston, Orlando), Portugal
- Bo Kimble: NBA (NY); Portugal
- Greg Wiltjer: Espanha (Barcelona); Portugal
- Reggie Geray: NBA (St. Antonio Spurs); Portugal
- Heshimu Evans: Kentucky Univ.; Espanha (ACB); Angola
- Danny Strong: Espanha (ACB)
- Marcus Norris; Portugal, Croácia, Russia; Israel; Espanha
- Jobey Thomas: Portugal; Italia
- Carlos Powell; Portugal; Ucrania; NBA
- Ike Nwanko; Los Angeles Lakers; Portugal; Seleção Nigéria
- Chuck White; Portugal; Seleção dos USA nos jogos PanAmericanos
- Cameron Echols: Espanha;LEB
- Kevin Fletcher: Portugal; Russia; Grecia; Turquia; Itália
- Jarrett Stephens, França, ProA
- Dusan Nedic: Serbia; Portugal; França (ProA)
- John Worthon: Portugal; Aleamnha; França; ProA
- Bryan Linch; Portugal; Belgica – casado com a tenista ex nº1 do ranking mundial Kim Clijsters
- Jason Robinson: Portugal; Espanha (ACB); Coreia
- Seth Doliboa: DLeague; Portugal; Alemanha; Turquia
- Chris Burns: Polonia; Portugal; Alemanha; Ucrania; Russia; Italia
- Herman Alston: Portugal; Suiça
- Rasul Salahuddin; Portugal
- Rod Neally: Portugal (MVP); Filipinas; Angola
- Cedric Isom; Angola
- Fred Gentry; Portugal; Angola
- Ted Scott: Portugal; Espanha
- Divaldo Munga: Internacional Angolano

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Honorable mention on Projeto SEED.



Pedagogical Council of ESEC-2009-10 to 2010-11.

Internship in Spain with ACB team-CDB Sevilla-Cajasol 2011 - Euro Cup final 2011



Marketing on the road - Serviço ao cliente: Front office - 2008;

II ENRMC 2008;

Marketing Show - 2009;

Upload 2.0 meeting - 2009;

Quinta do Marketing - 2009;

Espaço RP - 2009;

ECO III - Marketing Infantil e Projecto Media Smart - 2009;

Workshop: Media Smart - 2009;

IWE 2010 - Sustainable World - 7th International Week of ESEC;

Sports Marketing 2011;

ECO 5 (2011);

The Business of Sports - Babson College (USA) - 2015

Sports Management Worldwide - Las Vegas 2015


Scouting players:
- Treviso Summer League on 2002.

- Scouting players at PIT (Portsmouth Invitation Tournament) on 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006; 2007; 2008, 2009 and 2015.
- NBA Summer League - Los Angeles on 2003;
- NBA Summer League - Boston on 2002 and 2003;
- NBA Summer League - Las Vegas: 2008; 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016,2017.
- Draft da NBA on 2004 (NY).
- Different exposure camps from 1991 until now;
- Final 8 Serbia Cup - Nis; 
- Games from different championships (Spain, France, Croatian; Slovenia, NCAA, DLeague, Minor Leagues);

- African Champs Cup (ACC) : 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.