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Antonio Marotta

Software Developer


I am a Web Backend developer.
Inclined to cooperation, I have great aptitude for teamwork in respect of the roles and tasks.

Working Experiences

Mar 2016Present

Software Developer

Buzzoole S.r.l - Via Chiatamone, 6G 80121 - Napoli (NA)

Technologies I worked with:
- Php 5, Php 7
- Laravel 4.2
- Lumen

- Microservices architecture

- Doctrine Mongodb
- Beanstalk Queues
- Js/jQuery
- Html
- MongoDb
- Git
- Nginx

- Apache

Mar 2014Mar 2016

Analyst Developer

LL Srl - Via R. Sangro di San Severo 23 – 80134 Napoli

Technologies I worked with:
- Java ( Spring, Hibernate, JSF, Tomcat, Jboss)
- Oracle
- Git

In LL srl I carried out the following activities:
- Requirements analysis
- New features development
- Bug fixing
- Technical documentation writing

Jan 2013Apr 2014

Development Manager

Rysto is a social platform that simplifies and speeds up recruiting and training  operations in the world of food business.
Technologies I worked with:
- Laravel 3
- Bootstrap
- jQuery

In Rysto I carried out the following activities:

- Team management ( 5 people )
- Requirements analysis, platform redesigning and development 
- MySQL Database redesigning and development .
- Back-end  development with Laravel (PHP framework).
- REST API development with JSON data type communication.
- Front-end development support with BOOTSTRAP, HTML5 and CSS3. -
- Social APIs integration (Facebook, Twitter,Instagram)
- Braintree payment system integration. 


Developer e IT consultant

Lightbulb studio

Technologies I worked with:

- Java ( Spring, Hibernate, JSF, Tomcat, Jboss)
- Oracle

Freelance software developer


Technologies I worked with:
- Programming languages: Java, HTML, CSS, C, C++, PHP, Python
- Java ( Spring, Hibernate, JSF, Tomcat, Jboss)
- Database managment: SQL, PL/SQL
- Java SDK for Android



Web IEO (Influence Engine Optimization) platform

Buzzoole is a IEO (Influence Engine Optimization) and earned media platform that unifies the power of word of mouth and the ease of buying displaying advertising. Through Buzzoole’s platform you can participate in campaigns offered by brands, publish posts and articles on selected products and receive discounts, special offers and Buzzoole credits (convertible into Amazon Gift Card) in return.
You can connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts and complete our short survey to improve your ranking and help Buzzoole grow in the right direction.

In Buzzoole I am a back-end software developer, in charge of the brands-campaign area.

Language used: Php

Technologies I work with: Php 5, Php 7, Laravel 4.2, Lumen, Doctrine Mongodb, Beanstalk Queues, Js/jQuery, Html, MongoDb, MySQL

Payments System - Electronic Invoicing for the region of Lazio

Web platform to manage electronic invoicing 

Through the Electronic Billing System, SSR ( Regional Health system ) suppliers
can send their telematic invoice to local health units, monitor the invoice processing and receive the proof of payment from Lazio Region.
Moreover, the Electronic Invoicing System allows clients to adopt a centralized payment system to pay suppliers of goods and services, to use a digitization process and to monitor the account receivable, from the issuance of the order to the invoice payment, all of this integrated within the management systems of Lazio Region's local health units.

Language used: Java

Technologies I worked with:

Spring, Hibernate, JSF, JAX-WS, WS-Security, Jboss, Oracle 11g, Java XML.


Opengenio is a web platform, developed through Java EE technologies, which allows the digitization of edification's administrative procedures organized by Lazio Region's municipalities classified as areas of earthquake risk.

Used programming languages : Java, Html, Javascript

Technologies I worked with:
Spring , Hibernate,  Alfresco, My-SQL,  JQuery.

Rysto is a social platform that simplifies and speeds up recruiting and training operations in food business's world.

Technologies I worked with:
- Php 5, Laravel 3
- Bootstrap
- jQuery

News Management System

News CMS System

The web application gives companies the opportunity to manage and integrate a news dashboard in their system

Languages used: Java, Javascript 

Technologies I worked with:

- AngularJS
- Spring
- Hibernate
- Tomcat

Pin My Food

Android App

With this app you can keep trace of your favourite places, annotating the food and drinks you liked the best, so that you'll have all this information handy next time you want to go there.
You can also share your favourite places with your friends on social networks.
Also, you'll be able to save the map coordinates, and with just one touch you'll be quickly on the road!

Technologies I worked with::
- Java with SDK di Google per Android

Horse Betting Simulation System

Horse race betting simulation system multi-user

 Client/server software, developed with Java and MySQL database. 

Technologies I worked with:
- Client/server
- Network sockets
- tcp/ip and udp/ip
- Java
- Java GUI



I learnt more about PHP, using it both in website development and greater projects, along with LARAVEL framework, especially relative to the devolpment of REST API with data communication in JSON.
Therefore in this field I acquired the knowledge on MVC pattern-based development


In the last years I have mainly worked on enterprise projects, developed using JAVA technologies and frameworks such as Spring and Hibernate, thus expanding my knowledge and improving problem solving skills.


I can design and develop fast and effective databases  on Mongo.
I have worked on Mongo 3.0 and 3.4.


I can design and develop solid and effective databases using mySql and Oracle and I can give support with UML documentations. 


Having worked with web applications I have had the opportunity to learn HTML and CSS languages.


I can develop client-side oriented applications with Javascript, and Jquery so that I can supporto the back-end development.

I have deepened my client-side knowledge learning AngularJS,which I have used in some of the applications I developed.




Computer Science - Sciences and Technologies

Facoltà di Informatica presso il Dipartimento di Scienze e Tecnologie dell’Università degli studi di Napoli “Parthenope”.

Diploma at Scientific School

I.I.S. “C. Piscane” di Sapri (SA) - Italy

IDE and development tools

Intellij, PhpStorm, Eclipse, Sublime Text, SourceTree, NetBeans, Sequel pro, Sequel Developer.

Known languages

English   - Mother tongue
Italian     - Mother tongue
French    - School level

Privacy compliance

I authorise the processing of my personal data for personnel research and selection purposes under D.Lgs. n.196 of 30/06/2003