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  • Fullstack Senior software Developer  working in an Agile environment since 2012 and currently leading and being part of a DevOps team of 6 engineers
  • Design and development of Databases in Oracle/MySql and No SQL in ElasticSearch  improving query and overall (query optimization, indexes, etc)
  • Over 7 years of Java Developer 
  • Over 2 years of Javascript / NodeJS Developer
  • Over 5 years of AngularJS / ReactJS framework + UX design
  • Backed by strong industry proficiency including high profile software version releases, advanced command of various testing suites, Agile methodologies; cross-functional skills and use of Design Patterns 

I am leading a DevOps team o f E-Fundamentalscompany (since march 2018). I started as Junior developer with LeanIT on the 2012 and now I am a Lead Senior Developer working in both frontend and backend. Coordinating a small team of 6 engineers and participate actively to Design and architecture of the new projects with the other teams, following  actively Agile methodologies and Scrum activities

Work experience


Fullstack Lead Senior Developer


 Leading a DevOps team to complete sprint goals (100% rate so far) based of 70% of Development of new features or bug fix and 30% of Operational tasks.
Participating to scrum meeting in order to design and discuss with other team leaders about new technologies or architectural problems
Organizing work of the team members coordinating the sprint releases
Implementing API in JAVA (Spring MVC, Spring Boot, JPA) and Javascript (NodeJS, express, ES6) following the most common design patterns
Implementing dashboards using React JS, Redux, AngularJS
Testing TDD/BDD (mocha, mockito, jUnit, sinon, chai, cucumber, jest, nyc)
Continuous Integration and Delivery using Jenkins, Git (gitHub), Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Docker


Fullstack Senior Software Developer


Actively support big international pharmaceutical company PLM processes using Oracle Agile PLM system, providing custom IT solution implementing Web Applications and interfaces with other Customer’s systems.

 I am one of the senior developers, coordinating the development of a small team (3)

 The management of that team takes only 10% of my week. The remaining part is totally occupied by development and communication with client to analyse requirements and follow up which is very happy about Agile Methodologies.

The very positive feedbacks collected over the years by the customers make me very satisfied about my job and way to operate. Lean IT now owns the 90% of tools used by the Consumer Care branch of the client.

I actively participate to the design and development of entire applications and data model with the rest of the Team using Scrum and other Agile methodologies.

Web applications are made with newest technologies Angular JS, Grunt, Bootstrap, Spring, RestEASY, Bower, often updated with different technologies or framework depends on technical or customer requirement

In particular:

  • Design, Implement and maintenance of database structure using Flyway scripts for the versioning, Oracle GRID for the maintenance, Teamcity for the Continuous integration of Dsatabase
  • Full Helpdesk with users of the entire world via email or call.
  • Track Software lifecycle and Agile Sprint’s activities in JIRA
  • Continuous Delivery using Maven and Continuous Integration using Team City
  • Java code follows design Patterns and is maintained using TDD method
  • Maintenance of customer servers (Development, testing and production) where these applications are deployed: IIS, Tomcat, Weblogic.


Full Stack Software Developer


Development of files digitalization process starting from the acquisition of the paper document  to the categorization and store to Filenet system.

I was actively responsible to development of Web Services to load / store data to Database, administration of these DBs (Oracle, DB2 and MySQL)

  • Development of software to automatize backoffice process and optimize business workflows performance
  • Development of JAVA Standalone (Swing) software and first,second helpdesk support
  • Used insensively JSF to create web applications to present document info to users

Front-end  Developer

Sir Meccanica SPA
  • Development of company Web Site in 13 languages working with PHP, CSS and MySQL databases
  • Administration of company Windows Web Servers
  • Development and maintenance of a web application to manage company stock, packaging and delivery of products

Development and design of a web interface to remote control a patent machine tools using PHP and TCP/IP protocol, exchanging XML messages with machine logic in collaboration with electronic engineers team.


Graphic Designer

SEAT Pagine Gialle SPA

Create Advertisement layouts to be used in the national phone book

Create Vector logos for ads, web sites and gadgets offered by the company using CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator



Biomedical Engineering - Computer Science 

University Maga Graecia of Catanzaro

Specialization Level Degree based on Bioinformathics and Biomedical application of Computer Science


Biomedical Engineering

University Maga Graecia of Catanzaro

First Level Degree


  • Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems 03 / 2014
  • Pattern-Oriented Software Architectures: Programming Mobile Services for Android Handheld Systems 07 / 2014
  • Programming Cloud Services for Android Handheld Systems 09 / 2014
  • Shaping up with Angular.js 12 / 2014
  • JavaScript Road Trip Part 1 12 / 2014