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Antoine Leblanc

Waiter / Bartender


Profile Statements

About me : I am an outgoing, friendly and good humored person who likes to keep himself busy at all times. I work well in a team and have experience managing coworkers. I can integrate easily and quickly with colleagues and customers of all ages. I am versatile, mature and capable to adapt to a variety of situations. I rise to challenges and am not afraid of hard work and long hours. 

My time in Australia : I arrived in Western Australia in November after a few weeks vacation in the philippin islands, I had good times in Perth learning kite surfing, traveling around and surfing in Margareth River. I manage to find a few days of work within the hostel as kitchen hand or carrying suitcases in & out of a boat but i moved to Melbourne to find a propoer job which allows me to settle in for a few months. I am prepared to work hard as i want to put some money aside for a student visa and a university year in the beautiful Melbourne.

Personal details : Possess own car and willing to use it for job with a full driving license.

  • Communication & Enthusiasm
  • Positive "can-do" attitude
  • Multi-tasking capability.
  • Ability to work-in and lead a team

Professional experience

from 27/12/2016 to12/04/2017


Taco Bill, 142 Russel Street, Melbourne

I have a good memory and i am a quick learner. Professional at all times, i keep my work area clean and stocked. I am skilled at adapting to quickly changing situations and i can remain positive and composed in all situations.

As a waiter, I know how to :

  • Deliver high standards of customer service greeting and serving guests, anticipate needs and pro-actively offer guidance on menu items.
  • Stay pro-active at all times, i enjoy having a few words with the patrons, enhancing their experience as they feel cared for in a special way.
  • Serve 3 plates at a time.
  • Take orders by hand or electronically and take payments.
  • Make different cocktails and keep my cocktail station clean at the same time


Creperie La Saint George

Gained a broad base knowledge in all aspects of restaurant front and back of the house operations. 

  • Welcoming patrons / Presenting & explaining menu items as a Waiter / Responsabilities also included serving and clearing food following correct etiquette /
  • Back of the house position included : Dishwasher at first, rapidly promoted to help with desserts and preparation kitchen hand.
from 30/12/2016 to 12/03/2017


Tiffany & Co, 267 Collins Street., Melbourne

Qualifications :

  • Providing excellent customer services to guests.
  • Anticipating guests’ needs and offering to provide before a service is asked for.
  • Monitor and maintain cleanliness, sanitation and organization of assigned work areas.
June, July & August 20152016

Head Lifeguard

Les sables d'Olonne City council

Work in close collaboration with team members  in a stressful environment  to offer professional expertise in water safety during long working day up to 10 hours.

  • Vast experience in all water rescue techniques, CPR, first aid and surf life rescue
  • Monitoring the beach and maintaining a strict watch on the individuals around the swimming area as well as managing other lifeguards (up to 6) to prevent any risk of drowning. Anticipation avoids emergency action
  • Communicating effectively with other partners such as police force, city council mayor, or the surf schools in order for them to respect or reinforce the location of the swimming area device arranged by the lifeguards  

Anticipation avoids Emergency action.


Part-time Primary School teacher

Education Nationale et Rennes City Council

Qualifications :

  • Provide Education to pupils from 3 to 11 years old in every field of study from Mathematics to English through Visual arts.
  • Ensuring safety of all children & intervening in a pacific way through talking i case conflicts should arise between students.
  • Creating a lively, communicative atmosphere in class which is conducive to teaching, learning and succeeding.
  • Ability to relate well to & communicate with different groups of students of different ages, abilities & potentials.

Languages Skills


Capacity to listen, understand and reply in a loud environment during ORAL conversation.


Education & Qualifications


Food Handler

Hospitality Institute of Australia

Practices and procedures to ensure the non-contamination of food.



RSA courses Victoria + Hospitality Institute of Australia

Roles and legal responsibilities of staff in different premises licensed to sell and serve alcohol.


Master Degree in Primary Teachings

E.S.P.E Rennes (Superior School for Teaching and Education)

Compulsory Degree to teach to primary school children in France


Bachelor of Applications for modern languages

Nantes University

English & German use for law and economic development in all international aspects of a business.


Surf Lifeguard Qualification & BNSSA

SLSGB in the UK & SNSM in France

Courses and qualification dispensed in order to monitor beaches and ensure water safety. Equivalent to Bronze Medaillon in Australia but not recognized, so i plan to go to a SLSC in St Kilda or Brighton to get it.

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