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I am a dynamic, easily learning, responsible and proactive. Motivated by challenges and work that can expand my knowledge. I have good interpersonal skills, adapting my communication to different types of audiences. My main goal is to apply myself to a job, related to sports, where I can put into practice everything I have learned

Work Experience

Nov 2013Present

Physical Education Teacher for Students with Special Educational Needs

CRIFZ- Centro de Reintegração e Integração de Ferreira do Zêzere

I teach Physical Education for people with special needs (brain paralysis, down´s syndrome, oligophrenia, autism, schizophrenia, and other moderate and high intellectual impairmets) including swimming, gymnastics, hiking, educational games, among others.

Nov 2013Present

Motor Activities for Babies and Psychomotrocity ( under 3 years old)

CRIFZ- Centro de Reintegração e Integração de Ferreira do Zêzere

The purpose of these lessons is the use of motor, perceptive, affective and socio-motor functions. Allowing the child to explore the environment, to pass through concrete experiences essential to his intellectual development and to be able to become aware of himself and the world around him (Coordination, dynamics, body recognition, laterality, balance, spatial perception, directionality). I also try to design different games that are appropriate for toddlers or infants, that will strengthen their cognitive abilities, including sensory integration, gross, fine motor activities, eye-hand and legs coordination training, sitting, crawling and walking.

Aug 2016Present

Football Coach (8-9 years old boys)

Sport Club Ferreira do Zêzere

I teach the players at this ages  to focus on values like friendship, unity, solidarity, equality, attitude, perseverance, courage, concentration, dedication, justice, organization and constant self-overcoming, in addition to the technical, tactical and physical inherent in this sport.

Aug 2015Present

Footbal Training Coordinator

Sport Club Ferreira do Zêzere

As a coordinator I have the following functions: coordination and development, together with the technical committees of the macro planning of the club, as well as the plans and expectations of annual training plans; Execution, control and evaluation of the training process of all categories of the club, from training to them; Selection and evaluation of professionals who will make up the technical committees of the categories of training for professionals ; Selection, along with the medical professionals who will make up the teams of support, as a physiologist , physiotherapist


Football Player

Sport Club Ferreira do Zêzere
Jun 2016Jul2016


Câmara Municipal de Ferreira do Zezêre

My main goal in hydrogymnastics for the elderly is to bring wellness , fun and a more active social life. Physically it helps the cardiovascular as muscular conditioning through flexibility, relaxation and motor coordination exercises.

Aug 2015May 2016

Football Coach (17-18 years old boys)

Sport Club Ferreira do Zêzere

Preparation before the last level that is the profissional. I try to focus on the tactics and physical aspects of the game and it serves as a preparation for the profissional team, so it must match the demands of the coach and the profissional team. It requires better planning at the training level as well as a larger weekly load. 

Aug 2014May 2015

Football Coach (13-14 years old boys)

Sport Club Ferreira do Zêzere

First year of football 11, so there are new aspects in which I have to consider like, dimensions of the field, individual and collective positioning, size of the ball and goal, number of players, transitions (defensive/offensive) and standing balls. At the psychological level it is important to instill a good team spirit, commitment in training as well as assiduity and punctuality.

Aug 2011Aug 2011

Extreme Activities Monitor 

Terra Oculta

I worked as a technical extreme sports like rock climbing , abseiling , canoeing , paintball , pendulum , mountain bike.

Aug 2010Aug 2010

Monitor in Holiday Camp

Sports Holidays Ferreira do Zêzere 2010

As a monitor I need to have a good relationship skills with teenagers and adults, monitoring  the participants during the activities providing all the necessary support, have the commitment to this type of work (intuition and vocation), compliance with health standards assurance, health and safety, I need to domain group techniques, development of the business plan in meeting the educational objectives for each group and, most important, zeal for prudent use of equipment and installation.



Master´s Degree in Health and Physical Activity in Schools

Faculdade Ciências do Desporto e Educação Física - Universidade de Coimbra

The proposed study plan enables for intervention in the education system at the sports system , the health system , in social action or the private sector. It is intended an easily recognized and comparable basis, so the syllabus determines reference points for generic and specific competences of course units groups. It is believed that the definition of academic and professional profile contributes to a quality increase of objectivity of the programs , intentionality methodologies , evaluation of transparency, preparation and recognition of mobility , attractiveness in demand and confidence of potential employers.


Degree in Sports Science and Physical Education

Faculdade Ciências do Desporto e Educação Física - Universidade de Coimbra

Professional training provided a solid scientific knowledge in the basic sciences of physical activity , as well as in sport science , supplemented by general educational background and specific teaching of physical education , whether theoretical or practical , self-learning ability and research skills educational and school management .


- Communication skills. Acquired through the training of groups of children of various ages and through the relationship with students with and without disabilities.

- Technical skills. Domain of exercises for students with special educational needs. Domain in the development of training for different age groups . Domain in the evaluation of students. Mastery of exercises for babies under 3 years old.  Domain in young athletes training.

Organization skills: Ability to organize events and coordinate people. Capacity is acquired through the organization of sporting events as coordinator of the club ( football tournaments , stages , tours , lectures, meetings and activities) .

- Computer skills : Good office software domain (Word, Excel, Power Point) , acquired during the bachelor's and master's degree at the Faculty of Sport Sciences and Physical Education - University of Coimbra.



Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Football - Portugal

Faculdade Ciências do Desporto e Educação Física - Universidade de Coimbra


References sent on request