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An attorney with more than 25 years of experience, Anthony W. Hawks is a co-founder of Amend America, an independent non-partisan 501(c)(3) organization where he is also Legal Director. A political networking site focused on constitutional reform, Amend America provides a forum for debate and analysis of proposed constitutional amendments and their viability under the Convention Clause of Article V of the Constitution.

Prior to his time with Amend America, Anthony Hawks built his career serving the print industry as a commercial litigator and government contracts attorney. Beginning his secondary education at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts, Hawks earned his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science in 1976, graduating magna cum laude. During the final two years of his undergraduate study, he also attended Tufts' graduate school of international affairs, the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, where he earned his Master's degree in International Law also in 1976.

After serving for several years as a legislative assistant in a Congressional office, Anthony W. Hawks enrolled at Georgetown University Law Center in August 1981 to pursue his Juris Doctor, which he received cum laude in May 1984. During his final year at Georgetown, he was chosen for the National Moot Court Team and became a regional finalist, earning a coveted invitation to the national tournament in New York City. He also won the law school’s 1984 Leahy Prize for best school advocate and was an editor of the school’s international business law journal. Since then, Hawks has practiced at a number of law firms, becoming a partner at the Fairfax, Virginia, firm of Furr & Brownell before founding his own firm, Hawks Law Office, in 1996. His firm deals primarily with government contract disputes, specifically those involving clients in the print industry. With more than 15 years in this practice area, Anthony Hawks has become a sought-after representative for bid protests, contract appeals, monetary claims, and dispute negotiation with the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO). 

Anthony Hawks is also the former President of e-LYNXX Corporation, a print supply chain management company headquartered in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, which he co-founded in September 1999. Hawks continues to serve e-LYNXX as its Chief Legal Officer, in charge of all legal matters of the company. His role includes advising the executive team in business negotiations and overseeing all litigation. He also manages the corporation’s relationship with the GPO, drafts all business contracts, and is responsible for building, licensing, and enforcing the company’s patent portfolio. 

Anthony Wayne Hawks lives at the beach in Delaware with his wife. He enjoys playing golf, tennis, and tournament bridge, as well as hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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