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Work experience

Oct 2011Feb 2012

Dietary Aid

Merrill Hills-Manor

Prior to this employment, i felt uncomfortable around the elderly population. I was glad to work with a variety of people because i learned to cope with difficult situations. I learned your heart has to be applied to the work.

Jun 2011Aug 2011

Crew member

Dairy Queen

It was a nice summer job. I received culinary experience. I left the employment due to upcoming sports. My senior year i don't plan on joining any sports so I can work full time.


Waukesha South High School

I have a 3.5 cumulative GPA at waukesha south high school. My most valued achievement in high school was getting a 4.09 GPA. I plan to apply to UW-Madison and Edgewood University.



Joseph Cook

Mr.Cook is a very good guy. I have been in his court a little bit, and its nice when a judge acknowledges the good in a person.Mr.Cook always had faith in me, and has inspired me to pursue my dreams of becoming involved with law.



  My sophomore year, i was interviewed, and admitted into Waukesha souths AVID program. I was tutoring my fellow students for the first year of the program. My 2nd year into tutoring i was employed by the district, to tutor lower classed AVID students. I enjoyed the role, of helping students. I remember being in the inverse position.


    High school does a very good job of measuring how much a person can apply himself. The courses we're required to take don't measure our intelligence, and neither does the act. These factors build better work ethic and are the foundations of education. True intelligence is ability to analyze and go beyond common interpretation;Something not everybody was born to do. With individual determination, the application of our knowledge it becomes quite simple. It's the student's responsibility to prioritize what's important to them, and balance his goals. I've been as low as a 2.2 GPA and as high as a 4.09 GPA. I have what it takes to achieve my goals, and all my hard milestones in my high school career that have distracted me, has only made me stronger. Ive learned some prominent adulthood life themes from literature, and the experience of growing older. I've learned life's a lot like a GPS; it can point to the right direction, but the individual needs to make the physical move. I know I could enrich Madison's community because, I have built my work ethic, I give back to my community, and enjoy becoming involved in extra curricular activities. Madison is the perfect place for me to strive. Nobody has gone to college in my family, so I would like to set an example for the future generations of my family. I would like to prove to the world that being uneducated early in education and being raised in poverty, doesn't make it impossible to be a factor in society. Everybody and anybody can make a difference in today's world. All things Begin within the mind.

    To begin, my early stages of education was quite mediocre. My family never pushed me to work hard, and my teachers made it clear I wouldn't go to a university. I was in the slower courses, and before high school I was told to take the easiest classes so I could at least graduate. It was once I enrolled at Waukesha South High School where everything changed. I had a girlfriend who helped me see a new path. I learned I had the intelligence, I just needed to apply myself. I showed my school the enormous GPA jump, and surprised myself, along with many peers around me.

    The only problem with holding a high GPA is the older you get the more obligations you take up. Coming closer to college applications, you have to consider the opportunity costs. The best balance of achievements is the secret to impress your dream college. Although my GPA accumulative isn't 4.0, the challenging classes I've taken, athletics, and community service has given me excellent experiences.

    To illustrate my point, I'd like to use a successful statesman, scientist, and philosopher; Benjamin franklin quotes “Remember that time is money”. Although many kids can't imagine high school as a valuable good or service, once must treat it as a gift. Benjamin Franklin is right though, time is scarce. For an example my hours dedicated to various subjects,requires time, but will only exorcise my brain for harder material. It wouldn't be logical to only channel my life into education, St Vincent De Paul is dedicated to assisting those in need and seeking charity and justice. They supported my family from the beginning of our financial fall. They've supported food, Rental assistance, Computer appliances for school work, and partially covered my brothers funeral. This group has done more than they needed too. I have volunteered 300 hours to the group and it satisfied my obligation. Giving back to the people is a cycle of respect.

Unquestionably, knowledge is one of two things that nobody can take from you. The sports and activities I get involved in builds my character. My character cannot be broken, because I built it. I was involved in Freshman mentor, tennis, track, and did a great deal of tutoring. I first got engaged with sports in high school. The athletic life not only keeps body feeling healthy, but supports academic structure. Ive always cared deeply about my health and well being of my body since I was diagnosed with chronic asthma. My next favorite thing from sports is tutoring, because I remember the feeling of not understanding. When I was younger, I wasn't so good at problem solving but thats something I've mastered and can pass down to younger generations.

    Simply stated, education is my first priory. Id like channel my focus into becoming a well rounded person. Madison's campus can definitely be enriched with my presence, and Madison definitely has a lot to offer me. If I think I built a lot of character in high school, it'd be a entirely new person after graduating from Madison. Id love the opportunity to strive even further, with the help of Madison's caring community.


Wouldn't everybody like to own a car? Whats the sense if you don't have a destination? Myself growing up never had a direction. No body nor anything could ever motivated me to succeed.  I took the skating through school route. I not only skated through my grades and classes, but i rejected school and homework and pushed a skateboarded from school release till bedtime. My parents at the time were never truly disappointed in the results they saw in school. As long as i was passing, and getting my average b'c and c's everything would be accepted with the parents. As the years go on absolutely nothing changes. It was 9th grade 2nd quarter, it was coming towards the end of my first high school career semester. I couldn't believe i was failing my first semester of algebra. I had never failed a class in my life. I was to busy being the class clown,  when i shouldn't been jotten down. That was one thing i didn't do, take notes. In that same semester, i had a significant other. It was such a coincidence having one of the smartest girls in my class, dating a guy with grades like me. I think with my relationship with this girl, transformed this immature rebel, to bookworm. It was this failing class, and this girl who seamed to be out of my league, is what my brain needed. Growing up, adults would always tell me about this "click" in your brain just changes everything. I literally never thought id see it. My only problem was, i never knew how to get the a's. That semester in order to pass the class and improve my gpa for the semester my ex-girlfriend and i studied for hours on the entire week of exams. I never tried this hard, yet i never felt so good that week. For once i felt accomplished, and it was easier to sleep at night knowing half my day isn't spent dreadfully not prepared for school. It was beginning to become embarrassing being the dumb kid at school. Every one who was laughing at my jokes in middle school, were to occupied living normal high school lives. I never felt normal, i was a black sheep. Being the black sheep only made me study harder and harder that one week before exams. The night before exams i was nervous. I'm usually sleeping cold by 10:30pm, but that night i was up to at least 12:00am. Rolling back and fourth trying to process everything that was needed to be memorized. After going through everything in my head 2-3 times, i calmed down and closed my eyes. Waking up was never so hard. After i polished a good break fest, i dressed myself, grabbed my bag and went for my exams. I went through the day feeling fairly optimistic. After a couple days, the teachers posted the results on webgrader. I checked, and my ex-girlfriend and i both dropped our jaws. Not only have i never gotten an a in a class, i got 5 a's, 2 b's and a 'c' for my algebra which i regardless failed. I didn't pass my algebra class but it was that day that opened my eyes. It was the first day things begin to change direction. I literally had no idea where i was going, but for once in my life, i had a good idea where i was going. that day i learned schools exactly like a gps, it can point you in the right direction, granted you know how to use it. If you don't know how school works, and what a good school ethic is like, you'll never learn how easy it is to learn. Although this was my first success, there's much more to learn in order to truly succeed.


I have played tennis and ran track. Ive been dedicated to skateboarding for 6 years and I workout at experience fitness every day. In 5th grade i was diagnosed with a chronic disease, asthma. I was always the student to finish first on the mile run in elementary school. This disease, due to my fathers cigarette addiction, restricted me from everything I used to love. I eventually wanted to beat the disease and I've been training for 4 years now to overcome my disease. I have yet to completely cure my dependence, but every year i get closer to be the healthy fit individual i dream to be.


Growing up, my parents were the furthest definition from a happy successful family. we've lived in poverty for as long as i can remember. Since i have changed my paradigms, my only objective was to succeed in my perspective. I never want to live uncomfortably, nor do i ever want to neglect my future family. Nobody in my family tree in the United States has gone to college. Ill be the first this up coming year. If there was one word to describe my mentality it would be relentless. The sky's the limit to what you can achieve and i  refuse to take anything less than the best.