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In sharing his own accomplishments with youth of all ages, Anthony Ferla hopes to motivate them to stay in school and realize their dreams. He has spent time visiting elementary schools where he not only reads to children but discusses his own personal hurdles in reaching college to find both athletic and academic success. Some of the children face such barriers as tough home lives, financial difficulties, and less-than-ideal educational opportunities. Anthony Ferla also seeks to improve these kids' chances by offering free tutoring. Other charitable endeavors include working toward leukemia research, treatment, and funding. Ferla was part of a team that conducted cheek swabs to find bone marrow matches for leukemia patients in need of transplants. In honor of a friend who died from the disease, he also participated in a walk to raise money for leukemia research.While studying for his Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications at Temple University, Anthony Ferla was a starting defensive back for the school's football team, the Owls. Named as captain his sophomore year, the youngest player to hold such a role, he ultimately led the team to its first winning season in almost 20 years. In addition, during his senior year, the Owls took part in their first bowl game in three decades.Prior to his college football career, Anthony Ferla took a position as Assistant Physical Therapist with the SportsCare Institute, Inc. There, he worked with student-athletes recovering from sports-related injuries, not only returning them to form but pushing them to be better. A later job with K-Strength Sports Training gave him additional experience in growing athletes' skills and performance. More focused on improvement than recovery, Anthony Ferla often implemented training methods with weights and speed drills to develop techniques.Anthony Ferla recently worked with Temple University's football team as an Assistant Coach. Specializing in defensive back training and development, he performed such tasks as conducting daily drills and reviewing performances on video. Other duties included drawing up offensive cards for the scout team and statistically analyzing players and opponents.

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