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Experienced and accomplished hands-on Project Manager with a proven track record managing Security Infrastructures and Local and Wide Area Networks.  Adept at designing, implementing and managing secure data networks in support of strategic business objectives.  A leader who has applied comprehensive and in-depth knowledge defining project scope, identifying and mitigating project risk, leading cross-functional project teams, and coordinating with external partners and vendors.  A systems integrator with expert knowledge in designing and creating project plans using Microsoft Project and Microsoft Project enterprise.  Ability to create and administer large IT capital and operating budgets. Outstanding presentation, leadership, negotiation, team building, motivational and communication skills.

Work experience

Aug 2006Present

Project Manager

UNIVERSAL Technologies, LLC
  • Responsible for supporting theNew York City Financial Information Services Agency (FISA) in the design, development and implementation of a structure process, including project tracking and reporting as part of the Project Management Office (PMO).
  • Expert skill level with hand-on experience with MS Project (version 2003 and Project Server) including project plan development, tracking, and reporting.
  • Hands-on member of PMO using MS Project to develop and maintain project plans.
  • Project Manager and Project Lead role with responsibility for developing project plans and reporting progress on projects for a full system development life cycle implementation.
  • Perform project plan views and upload processes.
  • Review project plan template creation and upload processes
  • Project Management responsibility for the PMO TLC initiative, including engagement with the Team Leads assigned in reviewing their new responsibilities and processes. The PMO TLC initiative is intended to provide assistance to the Team Leads in improving and meeting their reporting requirements.
  • Conceptualization of the FISA PMO roadmap.
  • Work with a PMO sub-team on the identification and rationalization of Project Metrics for the FISA PMO.
  • Responsible for the Document Management and standardization policy for the FISA PMO.
  • Lead and participate in project planning meetings. Demonstrated interpersonal and analytical skills, written, and verbal communication skills, including the ability to work independently with minimal direction.

Information Technology and Business Systems Consultant

  • POS Consultant in the installation and configuration of Counterpoint POS system for clients in Orlando and Tampa.
  • Web development and POS consultant for local restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • Project Manager for the Migration of the Bank of Montserrat's IT infrastructure.
  • Network and Security consultant on a project to install Counterpoint POS system for clients throughout Tampa and Houston.
  • Network and Security consultant on the Bank of Montserrat's IT infrastructure migration.

Senior Manager Project Task Force, Group IT

East Caribbean Financial Holding Company
  • Part of an executive committee with responsibility for conceptualizing and establishing the PMO at the East Caribbean Financial Holding Co.
  • Supervised the 13-member PMO team which comprised of Project Managers, Business Systems Analysts, and Information Technology professionals.
  • The PMO had responsibility for the execution of 17 critical corporate IT projects with an estimated budget of $5.4 million.
  • Managed the upgrade of the Information Technology local and wide area network infrastructure by replacing outdated 3COM hubs and switches with secure CISCO Managed enterprise switches.
  • Supervised the deployment and customization of workflow applications for VIZUAL HR.Net to the desktop of 328 employees.
  • 20022004

    Senior Manager - Information Technology

    • Designed and implemented a secure Active Directory infrastructure for the ECFH Group IT to support 5 domains situated at remote locations.
    • Utilized Microsoft Project 2003 and Microsoft Project Server in an enterprise environment to create project plans and WBS to aide in the scheduling and reporting of the concurrent projects.
    • Installed and configured an Internet-based secure VPN infrastructure for SWIFTNET FIN AA to route transactions between the USA and St. Lucia.
    • Designed a secure POS network infrastructure and an integrated secure IP-VPN between 2 islands in the Caribbean.
    • Managed the expansion of the POS network infrastructure by installing additional modems and secure VPN technology. A MS Project 2003 pal was created to managed activities and tasks assigned to both internal and external resources.
    • Designed, installed and configured a secure IP-VPN for routing Internet Banking transactions between the USA and the Caribbean.
    • Managed the deployment of Verifone POS terminals which increased the merchant base by 30%.
    • Designed and installed the network to integrate Blackberry Enterprise Server with Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory at the ECFH.
    • Designed, installed, configured and hardened Windows2003 enterprise servers running Microsoft SQL, IIS Web services. Servers were used in the deployment of the HRM application for the ECFH Group.
    • Designed and configured a TCP/IP over frame-relay network infrastructure for 9 NCR ATM at the Bank of Saint Lucia.
    • Managed the upgrade of Jack Henry COREDIRECTOR banking application and supervised the Business Systems Process improvement functions which resulted in a 23% increase in the functionality of this mission critical application. The project plan created using MS Project 2003 was used to provide timely communication to resources and key stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle.
    • Managed vendor contracts with external suppliers of hardware such as Microsoft, DELL, UniPress, Jack Henry and FutureSoft.
    • Created a project plan in MS Project 2002 to manage the implementation of a state of the art web-based incident management solution for the Help Desk support function of the IMTS.

    Information Technology Consultant

    COMFILE Systems Limited
    • POS consultant to CCES (TX) in the installation and configuration of Counterpoint POS systems in Houston and Austin.
    • Project manager for the deployment of a wide area POS network for a chain of retail outlets owned by AF Valmont & Co. Limited. Utilized MS Project 2000 to design, create, manage and provide project reports to AF Valmont executives.
    • Designed and deployed a new POS network for the hardware and retail division of MS Osborne Ltd. MS Project 2000 was utilized to manage and schedule local project resources and external vendor commitments as well as provide timely reports to the owners.
    • Designed and configured a secure server farm to support the installation of the mission critical banking application for the Bank of St. Lucia.
    • Created a project plan using MS Project 2002 to be used as part of the Project Management tools to assist in the website consultation for USAID/Kingston.
    • Designed and managed a project using MS Project 2000 while consulting for the Department for International Development (DFID) in the post-volcanic rebuilding initiative in Montserrat.
    • Designed and installed a Microsoft Exchange messaging server for use by over 250 persons at the National Commercial Bank of St. Lucia.
    • Infrastructure consultant for the St. Lucia Co-Operative Bank on the implementation of a secure Internet-based messaging solution.
    • Infrastructure consultant for the O.E.C.S. in the implementation of a secure electronic Messaging solution.
    • Designed and implemented a LAN and secure WAN for the Government of Montserrat - Development Unit.



    Harold Hendrie

    Niel Harper



    Technical Skills
    Languages: Visual Basic, C/C++, PHP/Perl, Java/JavaScript, Lisp/Scheme, Shell Scripting Operating Systems: Windows NT/200x Server,  Linux, UNIX (Solaris/HP/BSD), Mac OS X, Relational Databases: Microsoft SQL, Oracle Network Protocols: Cisco IOS, RIP/BGP/OSPF, TCP/IP Packet Debugging (Wireshark), HTTP (including cookies/sessions), SMTP, SNMP, DNS, PPTP, VPN (IPSec, SSL/SSH tunneling) System Security: CISP/PCI compliance
    Business Process Reengineering
    Policies & Procedures
    Project Management