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With a wide range of personal, professional, and charitable interests, Anthony Kasday maintains a diverse and balanced life. Having spent more than 50 years leading the fields of retail, wholesaling, and direct mail, Anthony Kasday recalls a few key moments from his youth that contributed to his sense of humor and overall outlook on life. Whenever young Anthony Kasday left the company of his father, his father would admonish, “Don’t hit your head!” At the age of 10, Anthony Kasday finally mustered the nerve to ask his father why he always said that, to which his father replied, “Idiot! It hurts!” Anthony Kasday’s father then proceeded to laugh hysterically. While growing up in Los Angeles, Anthony Kasday served on the Key Club at his high school, where he learned indispensable lessons about leadership by participating in a vast array of community service activities. Anthony Kasday upholds these values to this day, as a regular donor to his local food bank. In the midst of his career, Anthony Kasday developed a great love for bridge and bridge tournaments and eventually founded his own organization, Edinburgh Bridge Club. From 1968 to 1972, Anthony Kasday and his wife, Carol, hosted a significant number of bridge tournaments and conducted classes for players both skilled and new to the game. Enjoying the enviable status as co-owner of one of the top-ranked bridge clubs in California, Anthony Kasday recruited all levels of bridge aficionados to join the Edinburgh Bridge Club and ensured its continued success over the years. As a resident of Las Vegas in the early 1990s, Anthony Kasday found the inspiration to try his hand at acting. After taking a few classes, Anthony Kasday landed numerous parts in various community theaters—a trend that persisted when Anthony and Carol Kasday later relocated to Brookings, Oregon, in 1999. Some of Anthony Kasday’s memorable roles include Oscar Madison in “The Odd Couple,” Lawrence Garfinkle in “Other People’s Money,” and Norman Thayer in “On Golden Pond.” Now residing in Puyallup, Washington, Anthony Kasday still plays in bridge tournaments, as well as paints and constructs mosaics. Also an avid reader, Anthony Kasday counts Fyodor Dostoevsky and Ian Fleming among his favorite authors. Drawing from the same joie de vivre he learned from his father, Anthony Kasday shares his wit and wisdom with his own two children and eight grandchildren. Anthony Kasday eventually lets all of them know why they shouldn’t hit their heads.


Tournament Bridge, Painting/Mosaics, Sports Cars