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Capt. Anthony Frascatore is a big-sport fishing trip leader who has fished and captained boats in almost every major sport fishing area around the world. Raised on the shores of New Jersey, Anthony Frascatore’s first offshore boating trip was at the age of 19. Realizing his dream career early in life, Anthony Frascatore landed a job aboard Boss Lady, a 50-foot custom-made East Bay Express owned and operated by Capt. Bill May. This unique opportunity allowed Anthony Frascatore to learn firsthand the skills he would need to run his own sport fishing company, while giving him insight into fishing the waters of the Bahamas, Florida, and North Carolina. During his days aboard the Boss Lady, Anthony Frascatore fished and worked alongside many well-recognized captains and their crews. Anthony Frascatore graduated from the Chapman School of Seamanship in Florida, where he learned valuable skills in marine electronics and boat and engine repair, as well as how to maneuver a variety of different-sized boats. After earning his United States Coast Guard 100-Ton Master Merchant Marine license, Anthony Frascatore went on to found AJF International Sportfishing, which provides charter, private, and tournament fishing trips for everyone from the seasoned sport fisher to the beginner. When he is not leading fishing adventures or participating in major sport fishing tournaments, Anthony Frascatore enjoys a variety of outdoor sports that include hunting, spearfishing, and free diving.

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100 ton Master Merchant Marine License