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To obtain a position where I can capitalize on my strong marketing and organizational skills, create and implement integrated strategies to develop and expand upon new and existing sales, and establish myself as a leader who has the ability to work exceptionally well with people.


Tony Mascia

High School Educator and Football Coach


Jeff Commissiong

College Football Coach


John Petrilli

A reliable, trusted friend


Matt Borresson

Previous employer; Owner of JA Construction



I attended the University of Maine from August 2003 to December 2007, where I received my B.A in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and Advertisement/Marketing.  This field of study has given me extensive experience in individual and group work projects.  I am always considerate to all ideas and proposals in group work so that my team can strive toward accomplishing our goal, which is to produce for your company.  The skills that I have learned are prized attributes of mine that I utilize to achieve all given goals, and always impress and surpass any expectations. I am excellent under pressure, meeting deadlines, and conducting myself in a manner which portrays value and respect.  I also played five years of college football at a division 1 program.  After college, I allowed my motivation, persistence and dreams carry me into the NFL. I played professional football for the Jacksonville Jaguars for two years until a severe career-ending injury took its toll on my playing career.  The NFL was more than a lifelong dream of mine.  It was an outlet for me to network with many intelligent and influential people and companies which have and will continue to build the roadway to my success.  My football career has groomed me to be a man of strength, dignity, and honor, in all aspects of life. I will always apply the same set of values to achieve great success: a world class competitive spirit, commitment to my goal, unwavering team work, and a phenomenal work ethic.

Work experience

Apr 2008May 2010

Professional Football Player


Jacksonville Jaguars - Fullback

Apr 2008Feb 2009


Pashos for Kids

Here, I participated in the non-profit program in which we were friends to foster children. We would give motivational speeches, talk to them individually, play games, and generally just bring them out to enjoy the fun that life has to offer their youth. On many occasions we have gone out to see a movie, go bowling, and often we would enjoy nights out to dinner. It was a rewarding experience to give a child the meaning of family, love, and life.


Aug 2003Dec 2007


University of Maine

ASR (Athletes for Sexual Responsibility)

  • Journeyed around campus educating students about the importance of sexual responsibility.
  • Performed skits of sexual situations that students would find themselves in during college experience and how to handle a conflicting situation.
  • Organized many information tables and lectures in the student union to raise awareness about sexual responsibility in which I coordinated student participation. 

One Less Campaign

  • Assigned to the Cervical Cancer Awareness campaign at the University.
  • Created the campaigns catch phrase "One Less" which became the national slogan for the Gardasil cervical cancer vaccine.
  • Raised awareness in the increase of cervical cancer in young women.
  • Took testimonials of women who used gardasil and how it has helped them.
  • Managed all the campaign research and survey's which were used to help our cause.

Maine University Lighting Campaign

  • Raised awareness of insufficient lighting and call boxes on the University of Maine campus.
  • Interviewed and surveyed students about lighting, safety, and other concerns about campus ground.
  • My involvement in this campaign is what implemented over 100 new lighting fixtures as well as 15 call boxes on the University of Maine campus, which has statistically minimized rape and other troublesome incidents, where there had once been concerns not attended to.
Sep 1999Jun 2003

Honors High School Diploma

Holy Trinity High School

At Holy Trinity, I graduated with first honors, earned a full athletic scholarship, and was a three sport athlete.


  • 2 time All State player at quarterback (2001-2002)
  • 2 time All City player at quarterback (2001-2002)
  • 3 time All Catholic League player (2000-2002)
  • 2 time Captain (2001-2002)
  • 2002 New York State Gatorade Player of the Week (2001)
  • Member of the 2003 Governor's Bowl Team 


  • All State Champion at 215 pounds (2001)
  • Team Captain (2001)


  • All League player at Left Field (2000-2001)

Club Involvement

  • Yearbook Club - handled all instructions and issued deadlines to my fellow club peers throughout my Junior and Senior year.
  • Computer Club - became acclimated to many business and marketing tools related to IT. proficient in using programs such as Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel.