Anthony Bajoua

  • 2442 Sawgrass St., El Cajon, CA
Anthony Bajoua



I am a straight A student-athlete that  with high expectations for myself. I hope to attend a prestigious university after I graduate, preferably in state, such as UCLA, UCSD or UCB. Staying close to home while getting an education that is both affordable and prestigious are two major reasons why I am attracted to these state schools. I will attempt to major  in the STEM field because it is the most interesting to me, but I am undecided on an exact major because there are so many intriguing choices. I want to leave a lasting impact on the world and majoring in this field would allow me to do so. I am interested mostly in outdoor activities such as going to beaches and lakes, hiking  and  playing sports. In four years I see myself having graduated from a prestigious university and possibly with a job in the career path I decide to take.


Sep 2014 - Jun 2016

Valhalla High School

1725 Hillsdale Road, El Cajon, CA 92019


GPA - 4.67

Rank- 6/470

SAT - 1970


AP Exam Scores:

AP Physics B - 4, AP World History - 5


12th Grade:

AP Calculus

AP English Literature

AP Government

AP Physics

AP Chemistry

11th Grade:

AP United States History

AP English Language and Composition

AP Spanish Language and Culture

Honors Pre-Calculus

Environmental Design

10 Grade:

AP World History

Honors Algebra II

Honors Chemistry

Honors English 3/4

Honors Spanish 5/6

Weight Training

9th Grade:

AP Physics B

Honors Geometry

Honors Geography

Honors English 1/2

Spanish 3/4

Exercise and Nutritional Science


Extra-Curricular Activities



  • Boys State Nominee - Nominated to be schools' representative at Boys State.
  • Unity Day Leader  - Help promote unity and cohesion amongst the students by guiding a group of underclassmen in sharing deep personal information to unite the student body.
  • Cougar Crew Leader -  Conduct freshman orientations, tours and welcoming ceremonies.


  • Math Club 
  • Music Appreciation Club
  • Physics Olympiad (placed second)


  • Varsity Football 2014- Went to CIF Playoffs
  • Union Tribune "All Honors Team" 2014 (Maintain a high GPA while playing a varsity sport)
  • Junior Varsity Basketball 2013-2014 
  • Freshman Football 2012
  • Valhalla Math Team: Awarded a "Superior Performance" plaque at the UCSD Honors Mathematics Contest for getting the highest score out of Valhalla students and leading Valhalla to 4th place in our division.

Interests and Community Service

  • Work part-time and full-time during breaks at a family business (gas station). Handle paperwork, invoices, inventory and the cash register.
  • Volunteer weekly at my local library
  • Coach my little brother's youth basketball team at the YMCA
  • Assisted in setting up the Physics Olympiad
  • Volunteer at my previous elementary school in holiday carnivals
  • Devout Catholic and avid churchgoer. 



Work experience