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Anthony Smith from Berkeley played many sports as a young child and still enjoys them to this day. He also coaches and is the director of several youth sports programs. When children have the opportunity to participate in organized sports programs, they are less likely to get into trouble, will become more confident and have better social skills as adults.

Work experience


Academic Counselor

Oakland Unified School District

- Render personal, academic, social advice, vocational guidance to 9th-12th grade students
▪ Refer students to appropriate campus resources
▪ Navigate students’ understanding their high school transcript for graduation fulfillment
▪ Write letters of recommendation for college admission, scholarship, and internship
▪ Teach 9th-12th graders about CA State high school A-G requirements
▪ Maintain attendance procedure/policy and communication to parents



MS with PPSC

University of La Verne

School Counseling


Multiple Subjects Intern Credential

San Francisco State University

Self - Contained Teacher Training


Anthony Smith Berkeley

Anthony Smith from Berkeley has worked as a teacher and an academic advisor. He helps students plan for their future and comes up with ideas that can help them get better grades and do better in school. He also works closely with students and families to prepare for college and find financial aid programs that can help them pay for college. To Learn more visit at :