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server/bartender with over 12 years experience in the hospitality business.  I am a versatile, bilingual professional with management experience as well ranging from small projects to running all the operations of the restaurant from front and back of the house including making schedules, handling cash deposits and ordering liquor beer and supplies for the restaurant. I have worn many hats in the hospitality industry some of my previous titles have been busser, expo, barback, bartender, server, manager.  My broad knowledge of this business has made me  well rounded and has taught me valuable lessons on how to handle various scenarios and how to execute many tasks to achieve my goals.

Work experience




At dragonfly I was responsible with giving a high level of service in an upscale/casual environment. It was of utmost importance to provide a clean and organized section as well as carrying out the running side work daily. Food knowledge was vital as the cuisine was exotic and it was important to guide the guest through their dining experience. There are no food runners so we were tasked to run food for our team mates as well as ourselves.



Tap 42

Worked here as a server where i would provide hospitality, menu knowledge, and attention to detail to every guest that came in. This was a very team oriented workplace and although I've always knew the value of team work, here is where i realized how crucial it is in the service industry.  I kept the restaurant as clean as possible and stocked as possible by doing sidework that was tasked to us in order to provide the guest with a memorable experience.  We had no bussers here so we were required to keep are tables and sections manicured and set through out the night and in a timely fashion. 



Hurricane grill and wings

Started as a server and was soon promoted to bartender and later promoted to manager.  As manager i over saw operations made sure ticket times were good made sure labor wasn't high and delegated tasks amonst the employees.  As Bartender i kept my bar as clean and dry as possible, kept all my supplies and liquor and beer stocked, handled service bar for all the servers drinks and provided a welcoming experience for the bar patrons. 



Burger and beer joint

Started as a Barback where i would help all the bartenders from the two bars we had keep stocked with clean glass and silver ware and keep liquor on hand and rotate kegs.  I also made sure all the bar patrons had any condiments they required as well as a clean and dry bar top. I was later promoted to Bartender where i had to man a very busy bar and also provide drinks for the patrons sitting in the dining room as well. I provided guests with custom drinks from our drink menu and provided guests with knowledge on our selection of over 100 beers.  I was in charge of a register where i had to keep a bank and had to make sure my bank was correct every night 



Ale house

Started as an Expo and was promoted to server.  As an expo i learned the importance of ticket times and food presentation i would make sure everything was garnished properly and cooked accordingly before leaving the expo window.  Server duties were keeping server stations clean and stocked, provide customers with quick and accurate service all while having a positive attitude and handle money and operate POS systems. 




make sure all tables had water and bread promptly.  All tables had to be bussed as soon as customers were done with their dishes and we had to clean and set tables when guests were done dining. 


Miami dade college

studies not complete

High school diploma

Coral park senior high